In defense of Black Ops 2: Stop complaining about the graphics, it's invalid now

Since the debut trailer for Black Ops 2 went online, everyone has been complaining about how outdated the visuals are in the trailer for Black Ops 2. Gamers who are complaining about Black Ops 2's visuals need to stop doing that.

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paddystan2386d ago

is it invalid that a a game looks like crap when it comes to the graphics?

dedicatedtogamers2386d ago

The graphics don't look like "crap". They just don't look top-of-the-line amazing.

I have my PC hooked up to my TV. When I switch between a shooter on PC (say, Metro or Crysis or even Far Cry 2) and then sit down to play Resistance 3 or Killzone, does it look like "crap" in COMPARISON? Heck yeah.

But does it look like crap? No, it still looks very good.

Army_of_Darkness2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Not really a good example using Killzone 2 as a crappy looking game in comparison to metro or far cry 2 for the pc, since Killzone 2 still looks great to me even after seeing those other games on high end pc's...

Does Black ops 2 look like crap in comparison to killzone 2 or Resistance 3, Hell yeah! (notice I used console to console vs.;-))

But on topic, the author is right! I'm sure the hardcore(including casual) COD fans ain't the ones complaining about the graphics, otherwise they would have stopped buying since MW2... It's probably random gamers that don't like COD to begin with..

wicko2386d ago

For a game that's all about spectacle and wowing the audience michael bay style, this is a pretty stupid argument by vgarabia.

MysticStrummer2386d ago

It's not invalid because it's closely related to the central issue : Recycling/refurbishing an old engine and ideas over and over and over and over and over.

GraveLord2386d ago

It's invalid you are asking for the impossible.
Current-Gen consoles are at their limit. The graphics can't go much higher without making sacrifices.

Deal with it.

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ForeverGamer2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

yeah sure
no one has the right to complain about outdated gfx in COD
they can't take an advantage of ps3 or even the xbox360
let alone pc
all their games look like a 2007 games

and you want gamers to not complain about that ???!!!

shodaime2386d ago

I agree if you don't like the graphics or the game why look at it. It's simple Don't buy iy

leogets2386d ago

consoles can run games at 60 fps and still look amazing. look at wipeout.ok well thats the only 1 i can think off lol. but still id rather have a better visuall world that puts u in the game alot more than a shity graphicall game with super smooth frame rate. frame rate is over rated. 30 is fine to the eye.

dedicatedtogamers2386d ago

Unfortunately, 30 FPS is still not a standard. A lot of games dip down to the 20-25 FPS range, which IS noticable.

And resolution matters, too. Playing a shooter at full HD and then switching to a sub-HD console shooter is VERY noticable.

tigertron2386d ago

Ratchet and Clank games. They look stunning and run at 60fps.

Although I do agree, I'd rather have a steady 30fps and better graphics. All games will probably be 60fps next-gen with amazing graphics.

madjedi2386d ago

The arena battles alone get insane, with the number of enemies and weapon effects happening at one time. Not sure if it was tools or a crack in time.

I would like to see any cod try to pull off anywhere near the action and effects of a r and c arena battle.

Ducky2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Wipeout isn't exactly comparable to an FPS game.

There are some games that are played for their visuals and immersion, others are played for their competitive nature. (To be fair, CoD has lost its competitive nature quite a long time ago, but people still find it competitive)

If you'd rather have better visuals at 30fps, then that's fine, there's plenty of games out there that do just that... but isn't it also good that people who like 60fps have a game to play too?

Also, the reason 60fps is better than 30fps is due to the tighter controls that the higher frame-rate allows. If there's a fast-paced game (anything from a shooter to a fighter to a racer) you need 60fps.

There's plenty of complaints that can be leveled against CoD, but as far as the visuals are concerned, they're not that bad considering the frame-rate and action that take place. Could it be better? Sure, but its hard to criticize them when no-one else has made a comparable engine. (I'd love to see a proper FPS multiplayer game using idTech5)

maniacmayhem2386d ago

You can't run a game at 60 fps and have the same level of players on screen during multiplayer with current consoles.

This is why BF3 had to scale back on the player count and fps. But the graphics were top notch.

When dealing with today consoles you can't have it both ways. Something has to take a hit.

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Rob Hornecker2386d ago

After viewing the preview video of BO2 looks to be a bit more colorful,but the game play seems to be for the most the part the same old CoD style of game play. Perhaps the series should take a year or so off between new releases. Although having 2 different studios working on CoD games I can see why there is a new release every year. What it all boils down is greed and making money! LOTS of MONEY!

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