The Resistance 2 scans

Resistance 2 scans from the latest issue of Game Infomer magazine.

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Lifendz5741d ago

I loved the first one so much and it was so successful that I thought they'd just tweak it. I didn't think do this. This is amazing. Sony has the big guns ready to go this year. *kisses his PS3*

TriggerHappy5742d ago

Thanks Tns. Man I wish they would have emergence day like MGS4 and upcoming titles.

jorellpogi5741d ago

TnS thanks for sharing a nice article. Keep up the good work.

Nicosia5742d ago

Instead death: no... But the game is looking very good! Never played the first one, maby the sequel will get my money :P

brianodom5742d ago

that's the problem..go get it :)

RudeSole Devil5742d ago

One of the best right up their with BioShock, the entire game keeps the player immersed throughout.

socomnick5742d ago

Resistance 2 looks pretty good but part 1 sucked I though it was too long and boring.