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I’ve been waiting for a decent episodic title for a while now, and having just finished the first Walking Dead TV series on DVD, it seemed a perfect choice of review. By golly, I was actually rather excited by the prospect of The Walking Dead on XBLA. If the TV series was anything to go by (I haven’t read the comic book, nor will I, because comics are for kids), this IP is something that’s treated with a little more respect than most.

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Valenka2386d ago

Fair review from a casual gamer. I'm interested to read a review from a fan of the comic/show.

Trenta272386d ago

Fan of both the show and comics, it was pretty good. I would rate it about the same as this review. Gameplay was blah, but the rest (characterization/narrative) was really good.

Valenka2386d ago

Thanks for the insight, Trenta27!

ForeverGamer2386d ago

for me i give it 9/10
it's like Heavy Rain meet RE1

dragon822386d ago

This game plays like Heavy Rain and looks like Borderlands. :)

The story and characters are in line with the comics and tv show. Very well written.