What's Hot in 2008 - PS3 Version's Phillip Radke writes, "Let's face it; the PS3 had some rough going last year. Not many exclusives and that imminent dread of actually paying the $500 for the system gave it a less than stellar first year, until November that is. Now we can expect those good feelings to continue with an impressive lineup for the upcoming year, with some excellent titles hitting shelves in just a few weeks."

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damnwrx3935d ago

You can't go wrong when you own a PS3!!!!!! PlayB3yond-Blu-B3yond.

TheTwelve3935d ago

When talking about Sony or Blu Ray, too many articles begin with "Let's face it". These "journalists" need to go back to writing school.

Anyways a shout-out to my fellow fanboys: PS3 rules! Our time is now!


liquidsnake3935d ago

It is going to be Sonys year, end of story

bootsielon3935d ago

From now on, it's the PS3 era, not the PS3 year. Why limit yourself? ;)

games4fun3935d ago

RFOM right now lol that news blew my mind

blacsheep3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

@OMICRON how many times must i tell you your avatar describes you better than words you doodoo chaser.

xbot go pick up your 360 from the repair shop,be a good batty boy and do your chores for a few months and mummy might just buy you a ps3

HarryEtTubMan3935d ago

hahahahhaha JEALOUS^^^^^HAHAHAHA JEALOUS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

mintaro3935d ago

lol whats with the 360 hate? after all he could always be a wii fanboy......

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beoulve3935d ago

DMC4, Haze, Killzone 2, RFOM 2, MSG 4!!


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The story is too old to be commented.