Top 7 New Video Game Franchises of this Generation

The end of the 7th console generation is upon us, and to celebrate the 7th generation of consoles, these are the top 7 gaming franchises that were born this generation. We have seen many new IPs come and go this generation, but none have left a lasting impression in the gaming world quite like these games. When choosing games for this list, game ratings, units sold, reputation, and the overall impact left in the gaming industry were taken into account.

* Game series that were released in previous generations cannot make it on this list.

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StrongMan2759d ago

They forgot LittleBigPlanet and Infamous.

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stecarter912759d ago

Voted for them but didnt get in :(

EZMickey2758d ago

It's not that it's a bad list, just very short. We've had so many great new IPs this generation, it would be a task and a half to try and create a list of the absolute best. I'd be torn to leave most of them out.

Also it should be noted that Dance Central kicks Just Dance in the coochie.

shodaime2759d ago

Next time put infamous:)

2759d ago
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Aloren2759d ago

It's a pretty good list.. though I would replace Just Dance with Batman, Darksiders, or Left for dead

humbleopinion2759d ago

Batman while awesome is not really a new game franchise (only a new developer who finally came up with a good game), and Darksiders had just one iteration so far so it's still not a "series".

But L2D is valid, and I'll definitely mention Valve's own Portal as well as Volition's Saint Row and MediaMolecule LBP alongside it. The rest of their list is pretty good I have to admit

Nimblest-Assassin2758d ago

The Batman Arkham franchise is new (and f**king awesome)

But Batman games have been made for a long time

I agree with all the picks but dance central...something else could have filled its place

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The story is too old to be commented.