Capcom: Dragon's Dogma is the biggest world we've ever made

OXM UK: "Say what you like about Capcom's attitude to Street Fighter X Tekken character rosters - when it comes to Dragon's Dogma, we doubt you'll be left wanting more. Assuming, that is, they're being serious about the "300 hour playthrough" thing."

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Reborn2384d ago

When you approach an NPC, you'll be greeted with:

"You don't have the required DLC to start this quest."

andron2384d ago

Yeah, like in the Dragon Age series? I think EA and Bioware beat them too it. lol....

Yangus2384d ago

I play demo.......not bad,but medicore game.

MysticStrummer2384d ago

The demo is pretty old and doesn't really represent the full game well. I stumbled across some open world gameplay videos, which sold me on the game. The combat in the demo just sealed the deal. I can't wait.

alessandro102384d ago

when the game comes out you all will regret what you say, the game will be awesome.

Kaos_Vll2384d ago

RPG of the year. Game has great combat gameplay, very important in a game you plan on spending a good amount of time in. Demo has me sold.