Next-Gen: Skyrim Studio Bethesda Banking On DX11 For Xbox 720, PS4

NowGamer: Bethesda teases more evidence that next-gen Xbox and PlayStation will be more like PCs than ever.

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Frankfurt2756d ago

Hopefully Sony will make a console with enough memory to handle a game like Skyrim or Fallout this time, instead of only tiny scripted games like Uncharted or God of War.

360GamerFG2756d ago

You hold you tongue heretic

darthv722755d ago

for them to bank on DX12 instead? I mean that is MS's graphics language and they would know what it entails.

As for the gpu, MS will want one in the 720 capable of supporting it when needed but it would obviously support DX11 as well.

WetN00dle692755d ago

I highly agree! It be awesome if both the Durango and Orbis were DX12 compatible.

MAJ0R2755d ago

How many times do I have to say that Sony doesn't use DirectX?

SilentNegotiator2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

@Frank, Financial

Except it can run games like MAG, Starhawk, Killzone 3, etc, etc, etc.
All you listed were 2 Pathe-sda games. Nice try.

Oh, and keep pretending like N4G is a hostile Sony-fanboy site, FinancialGamer. It isn't a magic button that makes any anti-sony crap said, correct.

MysticStrummer2755d ago

Don't bother, Silent. They know they're being ridiculous.

kreate2755d ago

agreed with mystic.

there's just some people on n4g its not even worth debating or arguing anything over. just bubble him down and move on.

decrypt2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

DX 11 was introduced back in 2009.

So consoles will back it up in 2013 possibly 2014. Question is why go for 5 year old tech. By 2013 or 2014 They should be focusing on DX 12 or so. Remember consoles will be stuck with it for another decade. Hence why limit to a format that will already be 5 years old by the time next consoles are out?

Imo console makers need to be more progressive and stop holding the industry back.

hiredhelp2755d ago

DX12 will not be out for some time yet specially as windows 8 will support the new DX11.1. Just like DX9 had few revisions before they brout out DX10.
Not only that its cheaper easyer to do games on DX9 but myself agree consoles need dx11 need tessalation better lighting shadows smoother 3D objects.

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Zha1tan2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Could not believe it when I read the reason behind the PS3 not having party chat.

Memory related issue apparently...and its a shame because thats the only thing that puts me off PS3 online is the lack of smooth communication you can have with your friends.

Con-Fu2755d ago

Its just poor planning. Same thing with trophies as a last minute copy of achievements. It doesn't make any sense that you should need to self sync these things. Hopefully they'll get it right next time.

ForeverGamer2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

@Frankfurt & @FinancialGamer
really ???
ps3 have the same amount of ram xbox have
but they are split
256MB XDR Main RAM @3.2GHz
256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz
ps3 has been doing great with open world games
la noire
FF 13
FF 13:2
Batman AC
Prototype 1 and 2
Infamous 1-2
Demon souls
Dark Souls
Saints raw the 3rd

and even one of Bethesda games
Fallout NV was a "tie"

it's not ps3 fault
it was Bethesda fault
they make sh1ty engine full of bugs

the same thing happen on pc version untill the mods stepped in

ForeverGamer2756d ago

i see stealth disagrees with no one to back it up
carry on

RedDragan2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Okay, I will back it up. If modders can fix it, then it obviously isn't the shitty engine at fault. Instead the problem is some manager deciding that they would cater for shitty consoles thus sapping away the time the Devs need to make the game epic, which can only be achieved on PC.

Happy now?

humbleopinion2755d ago

Regarding the Fallout NV, actually it's quite far from a tie if you look at the more professional DF review. The lensoftruth calculations are actually wrong if you do the maths yourself, and it was quite shallow and superficial overall:
The main issue with the X360 was the textures, which was later fixed with a patch (just like fallout 3), while the PS3 suffered from framerate issues, lack of AA, and streaming problems.

The problem with the PS3 is that the split memory never allows more than 256MB for graphics, where the X360 shared memory can dynamically distribute it. Plus the super fast EDRAM takes some load of and it has a bigger impact in open-world games. The Bethesda engine is quite remarkable, and the same goes for the Rage engine powering Rockstar games which is also having some issues on the PS3.

But on topic, this is bull. They are trying to deduct that next gen consoles will use DX11 because of a job offer for a next gen game that will obviously be developed for the PC as well and will require the developers to be familiar with DX11. That's bad logic.

Gamer30002755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )


from your link
"But as the content in the shipping release is effectively "identical on all platforms", the focus on which to buy if you have the choice available shifts into other areas. The PC version of the game is the one to get if you're looking for the very best all-round experience, but it's something of a Hobson's Choice situation on console where both games have some fundamental issues that detract from the quality of the experience:" the 360's graphics are inexplicably poorer in some areas whereas background streaming on PS3, even with the 4.5GB install to the in-built hard drive, is dog-rough. "

again DF say it's a "Tie"
just like LOT

you didn't prove him wrong at all
you only proved he was right again
and you didn't say any thng about the other open world games that runs on par or better on ps3
that he list
and the last one was prototype 2 which look and play better on ps3
check both DF and LOT

the only games that are buggy and ugly is Bethesda games
it's their fault
and the fact you guys have agrees show how much this is a pro xbox360 site
not the other way around

360GamerFG2755d ago

Why is everyone on my case?? I told the heretic to shut up lol.

humbleopinion2753d ago

Did you read my entire post? My main issue with LOT was that they missed many important aspects in their face-off- both on the PS3 and the X360 side.
But other than that, the main X360 issue (which was basically a bug) that was highlighted in DF was fixed as well, so it's not really a tie anymore. Pop in both games and see for yourself - the many PS3 issues (which are not bugs but performance/capability issues) are still there on the other hand.
Hope it's more clear now...

As for the other games he mentioned, what do you really want me to say? He got it wrong in a few games (Batman AC for example, where the X360 is still slightly, but just slightly, better), missed the point behind "open world" games (FF13 is hardly open world. The game is as linear as it gets) and threw some uninteresting comparisons as well (Prototype for example: the game is hardly a graphical benchmark so why should we care about it? I don't really find it pushing the hardware).
And just to be fair: for I won't mention Crackdown for this same reason, nor any exclusive like The Witcher 2 (as much as it's probably the most impressive looking RPG on console to date) since you can't compare one version to another non-existing version, right?

The point is - the most impressive PROPER open world games (Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Just Cause 2, Far Cry 2, Assassins Creed and Mafia 2) offer better performance and image quality on the Xbox 360, in some the difference is minor but it's still there.
And please note that I'm talking about real open world games - games with one consistent world and no loading screens like you get in many semi-open world games (Batman, Mass Effect, Borderlands etc - although most of them and especially the UE3 based ones still perform slightly better on the X360).

So there you have it - I also came up with a list of games which somehow he forgot about. Are you going to Blame Bethesda for the inferior PS3 versions of all of these games as well!? That's quite far fetching IMO...

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sly-Famous2756d ago

Hopefully PC devs can make a game that can actually compete with those tiny scripted games you are referring but I doubt it will ever happen.

Jazz41082755d ago

Its.pretty obvious ps3 has ram issues and hence the reason only exclusives seem to play ok or linear games. The 360 is by far imo a much better designed machine for software while sony does well on building hardware but lacks in the end to the 360.

Nac2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


TheGamingArt2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

The funny part is for 1, it does have enough memory, for 2 hopefully lazy devs will learn how to release their object allocations to prevent further 'memory' leaks.. AKA a build up of objects waiting for the release pool at the end of the game. Derp

Also, you do know GOW is renders more than Fallout at once don't you? It just doesn't retail the objects for as long. LOL at tiny scripted games ( ^this guy has no idea what he's saying).

Bladesfist2755d ago

niether do you, Developers have said that memory constraints in both consoles is the main thing holding them back

NeXXXuS2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I honestly think that the PS3 is powerful enough that the system just doesn't handle buggy games very well and that's why the xbox does.

neoMAXMLC2755d ago

Uh Okay so why do "tiny scripted" games on the 360 not hold a candle to the PS3's games? Gears 3 is the best it's got but still not up to par.
Why does the recently released open world Prototype 2 run better on the PS3?
Silly fanboy.

Neo-Axl2755d ago

Haha, Coming from somebody who hasn't played either God of war & Uncharted :P

Rageanitus2755d ago

hopefully ms will spend money on exclusive content.... sorry to say this although alot of the multiplatform games seem SLIGHTLY better on the xbox for a ps3 ONLY owner there is really not much incentive to move into the xbox....

I got my box for Gears of War.

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units2756d ago

I thought MS own DX11?

dirthurts2756d ago

They do, but it's able to be used and licensed out like other products.
All the Nextbox and PS4 need is a compatible video card and os and they're ready to roll.

TheGamingArt2756d ago

I highly doubt this will happen. OpenGL is much much more likely.

FrigidDARKNESS2756d ago

Correct, MS won't let A competing platform get that technology. Expect The ps4 to use Open Gl 4 while the xbox3 will use dx11 with some functions of the upcoming dx12.

vega2752755d ago

Actually MS would just license it out for use in the ps4. But I don't see Sony paying MS for using DX11. So openGL for Sony's next system

dirthurts2755d ago

If Microsoft is Liscensing it out to Sony, the make money on Sony's console, and their own. They win either way. It's incredibly logical business, and quite practical.
If Sony is smart, they'll adopt the standard. It would great increase their multiplatform appeal.

MysticStrummer2755d ago

They could just do an even swap. Sony has Bluray after all...

Arksine2755d ago

They do, but DirectX is just an API. OpenGL 4.1 has feature parity with it. Its up to the hardware manufacturers to create drivers to bridge the hardware features to the APIs.

Sony will likely use their own in house version of OpenGL just as they did with the PS3. They'll work with AMD (or whomeover is designing the GPU) to implement the required features to support any extensions they add to it.

Trenta272756d ago

It would be so great if they did. The games would blow people away.

dirthurts2756d ago

This could be the best thing to happen to gamers in a long time.
Less fragmentation, less trouble for developers.
Games would be easier to develop, and thus the quality would improve.

Patriots_Pride2755d ago

Hope making them cheaper too. I dont want to pay $80 for my games next gen.

$60 IS THE MOST i AM PAYING FOR LAUNCH GAMES and if they cost more then gaming will no longer be one of my hobbies.

skyward2756d ago

Could cut the hassle - and thus cost - of developing next-gen games that devs seem to be so worried about.

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