Which would you like to see a remake of on PlayStation3, FFVI or FFVII?

With the rise of old classics HD remakes, maybe it's time to make a proper list of what we think is the best of the best in classic games to be remade in HD. This is your chance to do that.

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Redempteur2754d ago


Remake those games right now is bound to disapoint

Nobody will be happy by the change of design , the change of visual perspective (or by the casting voices for ff6 )...

Eamon2754d ago

Actually the Japanese casting of Terra and Kefka in Dissidia are perfect.

Redempteur2754d ago

i agree but what about the rest of the casting ?( ff6)
Do you believe kekfa and terra avoices re on the same level in english ?
People will find ways to be disapointed.

if the remake is 100% in the original style , why not play the original version instead ?

Here lies one of the true problems of remakes ..sometimes , you don't really need them

Lulz_Boat2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

if it's REMAKE with 100% original style, well. i'm sold

Summons752754d ago

As much as I love 6 and would love to see it redone, I totally agree remakes will lead to nothing but dissapointment

Godmars2902754d ago

I'd like to see square show that they're capable of making an RPG on the PS3/360.

Lucretia2754d ago

13-2 is a good rpg believe it or not, though you probably never played it because your part of (the hate japan ps360) Hate train. just because its not absolutely amazing doesnt mean it sucks, for 30 bucks its a great game

Unlimax2754d ago

I Want to remake SQUARE "Enix" name .. to SQUARE SOFT !

That's all .

Lucretia2754d ago

and changing the name would do nothing but change the name.

the last good member is Nomura from the original Square, aaaand that other dude i forget his name, but Square soft cant exist because mostly everyone lead game designer left.

i still love SE, some of the best handheld games of the last handheld generation.

they only made 3 HD games this gen themselves, ff13,ff13-2 and ff14, thats it. the rest was made by other creators and published by square, and i think all reviews and word of mouth and personal experience ff13-2 is a great game

kevnb2754d ago

neither. Final Fantasy vii would be really weird at points with todays graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.