7 Upcoming PS Vita Games of 2012

Chillopedia | The PS Vita is Sony’s latest attempt to claim superiority in the handheld gaming console segment of the market. It’s the successor to the PlayStation Portable and was released at the back end of 2011. Here we’ll look at some of the most exciting and anticipated games due for release in the foreseeable future.

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majiebeast2755d ago

Gravity rush before most of the games on that list for sure.

MaxXAttaxX2755d ago

Gravity Rush should be there in place of Touch My Katamari since that's already been released.

SOD_Delta2755d ago

No Gravity Rush? I call fail!

fei-hung2755d ago

I'm more concerned about the pricing of many games. E.g will I need to buy 2 copies of Dust514 or will 1 copy allow me to play on both?

Are they going to keep releasing old games fully priced or will they sell it at a more competitive price?

Will they catch on with the times and go the Apple route where a purchase of a game can be redownloaded it multiple devices or make us buy it again and again on every device e.g the ps3, ps vita, Sony mobile with ps suit and tablet devices?

I would have spent more money on my Vita had it not been for the price of the many titles and making us buy old titles like NGS at full price.

Aggesan2755d ago

Dust514 is going to be free to play, so no worries there. Generally I think the pricing strategies will be from different from title to title. You only have to pay for Motorstorm RC once to play it on both platforms for example.

modesign2755d ago

thearatically it should be bought once through the PSN and be compatible with the psvita.

Kran2755d ago

Isnt Touch my Katamari already out?

Edward752755d ago

I love my vita, and the only game on this list that I am excited about is ffx. More RPGs and mmo type games PLEASE!

Aggesan2755d ago

I would love a Monster Hunter for my Vita.

NintendoNerd902755d ago

I think Nintendo might've stolen Monster Hunter from under Sony. No word yet weather Monster Hunter 4 will be a 3DS exclusive, but Monster Hunter 3 was a Wii exclusive so maybe 4 will be another one Nintendo's got their kung fu grip on. Just maybe, we'll see at E3.

HarvesterOSarow2754d ago

Okay, just to clarify. Not a single Nintendo Monster Hunter has sold as well as the PSP ones. Sony still has MH in the bag, but I'm sure it takes longer to make an HD Vita MH. It will be announced soon without a doubt.

Also, there is an issue with the naming here. MH Tri was on Wii yes, but MHP3rd was on PSP and they were completely different games with some similar monsters. Now to follow the same vein as other Nintendo MH titles, MH4 will be an exclusive (which is good IMO, it looked kinda crappy with the action cutscenes and whatnot :/...) and MH Portable 4 will be on the Vita and it will be completely different from the 3DS game. That's just how the naming goes.

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The story is too old to be commented.