Is Arma II mod Day Z the most realistic zombie game ever?

Xbigy Games Writes: A new mod for Arma II has been released that gives players a new adventure involving zombies.

Day Z drops players into a multiplayer world where they have no compass or map. They also are required to find food to survive. Like in a real apocalypse, items are scarce, so meeting new players and forging friendships is key. Of course you could just be a dick like these guys and just harass everyone that you come across.

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blinkingfast2755d ago

not really sure which is the most real zombie game.. i never meet a zombie.

F7U122755d ago

amazing mod if you haven't checked it out yet here's a 20min clip of some of the creepiest zombie action I've ever seen.

caboose322754d ago

Looks amazing, is it only for Arrowhead?

F7U122754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I think it does require AH. check the site should have full info.

6 part series all hilarious vids.

Zha1tan2754d ago

looks incredible with the whole choice system, this is what zombie games should be, MMOs were you are scavenging around unsure of who is a friendly and who isnt prompting a moral choice system that actually means something.

BraveToaster2754d ago

Yeah, I don't know. I just finished playing this and I rage quit because I lost my AKS-74u and a ton of other equipment because I tried to swim across to an island and it just disappeared when I was swimming. I don't think that's realistic.
It is pretty fun though. Really immersive and terrifying.

Somebody2754d ago

Was it a bug...or maybe the disappearing island is part of the zombie world? Are you sure your character is not infected already? Hallucination is one of the symptoms of zombification.

BraveToaster2754d ago

No, the island didn't disappear. All my equipment did. It's just a glitch with ArmA. Also I'm pretty sure you can't get infected in this mod but I'm not positive on that.

LightofDarkness2754d ago

Maybe water destroys that equipment? I'm not too sure, I think if rifles like the AKS-74u get too wet they can be useless for a while if they've not been properly oiled.

Somebody2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I once played a terrifying multiplayer map in Arma 2. It was a night map, an extremely dark one, but the whole sky was "burning" like hell! There were flashes of some white ...flashes(?) in the dark sky every now and then. Sometimes there were giant flames filling up the sky as if someone had shown a projector of a camp fire/chimney fire clip onto the sky.

It was also extremely buggy. A team mate had to asked me kill him since he became stuck after manning a Humvee's mounted machine gun. Oh, the horrible atrocities I've committed in war times.

I rage quit the map after forgetting what I had done and became stuck on the same buggy Humvee MG mounts minutes later.

Karma, I guess.

frayed2754d ago

Holy crap this looks amazing. Installing now. So glad I have a PC right now. The video has me laughing out loud, literally.

Need to put together a team.