Cowboys and spaceships: Black Ops 2 can save CoD

VG247: The unthinkable has happened: Call of Duty is no longer predictable. Patrick Garratt says the direction of Black Ops 2 is one to be appluaded, and may well show how the entire franchise can be saved from stagnation.

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Totoro172750d ago

After swearing off COD, I gotta say, I'm actually kind of excited for this.

DeadSpaced2750d ago

Me too! If you like what you're seeing, check out this article:

scrambles2750d ago

Blops was suppose to save CoD then MW3.. I dont think they can save it until they revamp the ENTIRE game. Start from scratch and stop just taking the MW1 and building off of it.

GraveLord2749d ago

There's no spaceships though.
This is 2025.

Who knows where they will take Black Ops 3 though. It could go all Halo on us!