Black Ops 2 - Zombie mode Character Revealed

Official Call of Duty: Black Ops FB share a new screenshot shown a woman standing in a devastating zombies zone while shes holding a a zombies skull on her hand while holding a shotgun on her right side shoulder. They also post a quote next to the images saying

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alousow2387d ago

the good all sweet call of duty has turn in into some space ship weird weapons shit. U guys fked up. Maybe the zombies going to be Aliens.

TGF_Zero2387d ago

Can't wait to see how they improve Zombies in this game

Valenka2386d ago

Hopefully the zombie gameplay is a lot more innovative this time around. I'd like to enjoy the feature for once and not get bored 5 minutes in.

WeskerChildReborned2386d ago

Hoping the Zombie Story mode will be added cause i'm actually interested in the story of the Zombies.

sandman2242386d ago

That's great. I hope it's a chick and they should make a stage set on a beach with her in a bikini catching some sun then zombies come out and go after her. Then out of no where she pulls out a shotgun under her beach towel and then stage one begins.

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