PS Nation Podcast-Ep266-Hawk of Stars

Dylan Jobe joins us from the backseat of a taxi to tell us all about Starhawk, including the deep clan system and an amazing new upcoming feature that you may not have heard of yet!

New Release
Interview with Dylan Jobe for Starhawk
Summer Movies discussion
Discussion for Stardrone Extreme on the Vita
E3 update
Comedian is John Pinette

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MiamiACR212363d ago

Stuff that's already been known for weeks. Terrible podcast.

NHDrumline172363d ago

Really, was the iPhone app even known? I hadn't heard about that.

KongRudi2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

It's not a great podcast if you want a podcast with only exclusive news - however that podcast dosn't excist.

But it's definately the best independant fan-podcast were you get to hear interviews with game-devs on a regular basis, and can pose questions if you bother to send in.

I didn't join the beta, I knew I were going to buy this game since I played Warhawk at launch, and decided the devs knew what they were doing.
I'm pretty sure that most people, who weren't in the beta atleast, didn't know how extensive they are going to try to make the clan-stuff. :)
And the app-stuff were first time I heard of it. :)
I didn't know it had coop either, wich you can play alone if you want to.. :P

Keep up the good work; Torgo and Josh

Edward752363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I just like the Birdman from Buck Rodgers!