Sony launches new bargain PS3 bundle - 'Pick N Mix'

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced a new bundle offer for consumers that will see PlayStation 3 retail for £349.99 with two first-party titles.

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StalkingSilence3932d ago

is this an industry first? having the consumers pick which games they want bundled in? i know some retailers allow you to get a discount on a console and select a few games, but never heard of Sony, Nintendo, or MS doing this.
the more you think about it though, isn't it just like lowering the price of the console? i guess you guarantee 2 game sales. i think i like this deal but i'm still not sure.

mikeslemonade3932d ago

Bloodmask is thinking about buying a PS3.

jorellpogi3932d ago

Bloodmask is so diligent in posting PS3 related articles. I'm perplexed.

fury3932d ago

bloodmask is becoming a sony fanboy

jorellpogi3932d ago

I reckon his momma bought him a PS3 last xmas. :)

tethered3932d ago

Bloodmask is becoming a gamer, the opposite of a fanboy.

Charlie26883932d ago

At the end its ALL about the points

Same as Peg cuz when you thought that maybe just MAYBE they got over their fanboy episode in life you stumble across one of Pegs "happy" messages for example on the report section of his news...and ALL your hope goes to the dumpster >.>

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AceLuby3932d ago

Won't hurt the attach rate either. What's left for 360 enthusiasts to knock on?

Wait I see it now 'The attach rate doesn't matter because they give 2 games away w/ the system'

nevelo073932d ago

finally seeing straight cause hes been posting ps3 news positive news left and right lately, good you cleaned off all the blood

deeznuts3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Either that or he's subliminally trying to imply that Sony is desperate, giving consumers more choices than before ;) j/k, this is a good option though, let's see if it affects sales and/or if it hits the states. I already have my 20gb so I'm set.

tethered3932d ago

@ deeznuts

Are you the same deeznuts I see playing poker on PSN all the time?

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The story is too old to be commented.