Job Listings Point Towards Full Scale Motorstorm, Will Push Creativity to “Incredible New Heights”

Evolution Studios might have had a rough time with the launch of Motorstorm Apocalypse, and after ended up working on the smaller digital Motorstorm title RC, but that doesn’t mean that that’s the end of larger scale versions of the brutal off-road racer.

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remanutd554457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES give me the most BRUTAL Motorstorm to date EVO , i mean brutal and insanely hard to beat , Motorstorm Worldwide Festival will do but please make it as brutal and hardcore as you guys can. LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!

doctorstrange4457d ago

Hell yeah, brutal as hell please

archemides5184457d ago

this has to be a next gen title for SURE

what are else are they gonna do....release FOUR motorstorms on ps3??????

GamingTruth4457d ago

why not, apocalypse had 3d, i want to see what they can do without using 3d

GraveLord4457d ago

I agree. Motorstorm needs reboot.
Might as well take their time and blow people away on the PS4 just like they did with the first one on PS3.

Snookies124457d ago

Why is there a Vita tag? Is there any indication it'll come to Vita? If so, that would be so freaking awesome!

knifefight4457d ago

Re: "Why is there a Vita tag?"
What? Why wouldn't there be? Sony's first-party development platforms right now are PS3 and Vita. Both of them have Motorstorm games.

This is how news works on N4G. When a platform isn't confirmed or indicated, most if not all possibilities tend to be listed.

Snookies124457d ago

Well, that's kinda stupid. There shouldn't be a PS3 or Vita tag listed in that case. It's just speculation at that point. I mean, of course it'll be on a PS product. We all know that, but putting a tag on there prematurely gets people's hopes up is all I'm saying.

ftwrthtx4457d ago

I'm not a fan of the RC versions but I am a fan of the regular version. They need to bring that to the Vita as well.

doctorstrange4457d ago

I enjoyed RC, but it's not Motorstorm

smashcrashbash4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

Yes!!!!! The most under appreciated off road series ever is back again. Motorstorm PR was the greatest and now even more MS goodness. You know what would be epic? If somehow they could fit outer space into the game. Just imagine tearing it across the moon or Venus or Neptune.It doesn't have to be the theme of the game but maybe they could be unlockable levels or something.Motorstorm Galaxy

@ doctorstrange. Agreed. Don't hold back on the brutal.

Snookies124457d ago

You just made my day by that idea.... If they did that it would be... Legendary.

h311rais3r4457d ago

Lol if u were a biker ull go flying!