10 People Who Look Like Game Characters

GamerHelp's feature on 10 game characters and their Real Life Lookalikes.

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MK_Red3932d ago

I think they are being a bit too unfair on Sheeva. Sure, she is not as sexy as Mileena or Sonya but she is definitly better than that girl to the right.

bootsielon3932d ago

Mileena is horrendous. She's not even human.

MK_Red3932d ago

Nope, I mean Mileena with her deadly teeth.

ScentlessApprentice73932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

but still MK Red, I would still agree with you that the four-armed chick (who is she? Is she Goro's hoe) is better looking than Chyna. If I hadn't seen Chyna in Playboy a few years back I would still have assumed she packs some heat DOWN THERE, if you know what I mean.

mikeslemonade3932d ago

Chyna is hot. Joanie Laurer isn't hot anymore, but she was hot in her hay day.

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bootsielon3932d ago

Who the hell does he think he is... then again, he isn't really someone, so I guess the ones that were harshly criticized won't even know.

kornbeaner3932d ago

Funny A$$ $hit....good find, Dr.wily, larry and wario are my favorite.

ban fans3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Good comparisons. LOL

When did Carrot Top go from skinny geek to huge body builder?

thedude176553931d ago

he kept getting made fun of for being a douche and a terrible comedian, an so forth.

BLUR1113931d ago

very good list they all fit ,deffently carrot top these day's oh and planet terror was a great movie thats cool they added that guy

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The story is too old to be commented.