Skullgirls is accidentally region-locked on PSN

The team at Reverge Labs have noticed that PSN players of their latest hit ‘Skullgirls’ are only battling in ‘Region Specific’ bouts, something that wasn’t planned for the game.

Peter Barthlow confirmed the reports on the Skullgirls community page tonight stating: “We have received a handful of reports that the PSN version of Skullgirls crashes when a player using the European version tries to play against someone using the North American version”.

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NIRVANArazor2363d ago

That sucks. But I am sure this will be fixed soon.

Regent_of_the_Mask2363d ago

Doesn't matter cause nobody plays this game anyways. It doesn't even have basic things like command lists.

Smashbro292363d ago

This is... So dumb. It's a fantastic game and a fantastic value. This game sold incredibly well too.

The reason the issue exists is because people in Europe wanted it so bad they made US accounts and bought the game.

DeleteThisxx2363d ago

You're an idiot. Just like people didn't play the classic fighters on arcade cabs because there was no command lists, right? Stay free.

Robotronfiend2362d ago

In my local arcade we sold move lists to people for a couple bucks, or just tag with one of us for a while and put up both quarters. MK 1-3 were gold mines! R.I.P. Tilt.

TheModernKamikaze2363d ago

I enjoy the demo, I shall buy it.