Max Payne 3 Rockstar DLC Pass...Is Rockstar Becoming EA, Activision, Microsoft?

With the Max Payne 3 Rockstar DLC Pass, it seems as if one of the best and most respected publishers is becoming corrupt by greed. Rockstar Games shouldn't lower their standards for money.

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badjournalism2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

They did this with LA Noire too. I don't see the problem with paying for passes like this to get all the DLC paid for in one go. Nothing's locked to only the Rockstar Pass as you can do everything the base game has, including MP, without it. It's entirely optional and saves money over the cost of buying the extras as they come out.

This isn't even in the same category as EA's online passes. Not even close. How is giving people an option to prepay for all the DLC in one go 'lowering their standards' or 'greedy'? This is no different than paying for season tickets to your favorite sports team's games.

EeJLP-2752d ago

2 words: Complete Edition

Wait for it if you want everything on disk without the extra price. I will be.

Already have the GTAIV, RDR, and LA Noire complete editions, so it's pretty much guaranteed this will get one too.

OmegaSlayer2752d ago

Premium DLCs is what Microsoft brought to console world.
And online passes are what Gamestop and other second-hand sellers forced publishers to do.

TekoIie2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )


Why are retailers blamed for online passes? We are the ones which seem to be buying second hand games so arnt we to blame??? On top of that what effect does this online pass have on us? After all if i wanted to by a game that just released second hand in the UK i think the best possible price i would find (If someone already traded it in) would be £35...

EDIT: Also i didnt know microsoft did DLC passes. Can someone tell me when they did this cuz the only one i can think of is Gears 3 but that dlc was just an extra character skin and was pretty worthless.

LOGICWINS2752d ago

'2 words: Complete Edition

Wait for it if you want everything on disk without the extra price."

I agree, but DLC passes CAN be done right. If for $29.99, I get ALL the multiplayer DLC for Max Payne 3 AND GTA5...then thats a fantastic deal.

NukaCola2751d ago

I purchased the $10 R*PASS for LA NOIRE and I thought I got a real bang for my buck. There was a lot of content there.

Issue is it was cut content for lack of space. Rockstar doesn't screw over people, but they couldn't fit anymore content on the 360 DVDs. That kind of irked me but I didn't feel cheated out over it. I felt the system was screwed. They could of really stiffed us adn sold it for much more but they didn't and for 4 missions, a bunch of new cars, gear, clothes and the badge challenge, I felt they hooked us up in a screwy situation. I really appreciate R*. They are great Devs/Publishers.

da_2pacalypse2751d ago

I don't see anything wrong with this. The gears 3 season pass was a fantastic value, and I'm still playing gears of war 3 today because of the fresh content. the content is great. If you don't like it, then don't buy it... simple as that.

LocutusEstBorg2751d ago

No. I don't wait years for "Complete Editions". In my country DLC costs more than the full price of the game.

I buy the game if it's good, and absolutely enjoy pirating every piece of DLC.

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ShabbaRanks2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I agree 100% and I'm not only saying this because its R*, but MaxPayne took a lot of time to make therefore increasing development cost. ( this game was going to launch in 2009)

I checked on R*s website and MaxPayne3 will have LOTSSS of DLC and I loved the first 2 games so I paid the 30$. No one forced me too... But one thing I find disappointing Il admit is the fact that coop will be in a future DLC and not on the disk :(

Ive waited 6 years for this so 30$ to enjoy the game even more is nothing imo. I don't buy any DLC by the way only the ones I think are worthy or for games I really like.


Check this video and try to prove me this game doesn't look sick online. Companies like R*games always innovate and push the bar higher that's why I support them :P ...

RDR had alot of DLC too, but some of them were free. LaNoire not so much but still. This is R*games were talking about.

specialguest2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Why does it have to be an all or nothing deal? What if I'm only interested in 1 map pack? Where is my option to only pay for 1 map pack?

Ducky2751d ago

You can just buy that one map pack when it becomes available. Just like you'd do with any other game.

Or well, that's how I think they'll do it.

StrongMan2752d ago

I'm on a DLC strike. I refuse to buy any DLC for ANY game. You guys should join me and we can stop this evil practice of holding off a piece of the game to sell us later for even more money.

ElementX2752d ago

I like the idea of adding maps and content to games. If a game shipped with 20 mp maps, you'd play through them all and get tired of them. Adding a few DLC maps here and there keeps it somewhat fresh. I don't mind forking over some money for new content. The only things I won't pay for are armor and skins

nik666uk2752d ago

Pity millions won't and buy it all

TekoIie2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I dont have the willpower :( Just shoot me now and be done with it :'(

Blackpool2751d ago

I agree. We need to stop buying DLC.

Blackpool2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

double post...

Euthanasia782751d ago

I'm still buying DLC. I love games too much.

bauer0072751d ago

Ok man, we will play all the awesome DLC Rockstar is creating and you can sit down with your non-expansive gameboy :L

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user54670072752d ago

I think they are starting's no where near as bad as those three but I can see then going down this path even further in the future.

The problem is that Rockstars respect in the industry will protect them from coming under fire for their actions untill it's too late. I mean people won't dare call Rockstar out untill Rockstar go so far out with their DLC like Capcom that it will be too obvious to ignore.

It's worrying because I don't want Rockstar to go down this path but if they do start to change people will defend the crap out of them. "Oh it's Rockstar everything they do is amazing"..."It's a Rockstar game it will be good"..."Rockstar can't do no wrong". If it does happen and they do start to change then people will not want to face that one the best developers aroujnd are turning into someone like EA or Capcom.

I think they've gotten a little big headed and now think that because of what people think of them they can anything they want and get away with it. Look at the direction of Max Payne 3, they know for a fact it dosen't look like a Max Payne game but they still know people will buy it because of it's high quality...and it does look quite amazing if you don't think of it as Max Payne game.

They haven't turned into those three yet...but if they go further down this path it won't be long untill they do.

Just think about it...we thought Capcom/Square were amazing in the PS1 days and even last gen but this the mighty fall.

It prooves that this can happen to anyone...even Rockstar

The best thing we can do is keep a clear head, watch them closey and don't be afriad to say anything if the worst happens.

kevnb2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

R* have a ton of haters. Mostly because they have sold out to Microsoft big time this gen. PC gamers hate them the most, while still loving their games.
PC gamers also don't put up with dlc at all, we don't mind expansions but dlc can get the f out. I especially hate the "pre-order from gamestop and receive 3 weapons" dlc.
Oh and capcom always tried milking, how many versions of street fighter 2 did they make... just unbelievable. And square havent done anything wrong except forget why people liked their games in the first place... they spent too much time researching what people want instead of just realizing what worked for them.

nik666uk2752d ago

A lot of PC gamers bitch and moan when they don't get a version but when they do they just pirate and cheat and mod the hell out of it!!

VanillaBear2752d ago

Rockstar don't have that many haters, they are one of the most respected developers out there.

If you went into a crowd of gamers and yelled "I hate Rockstar" you would get

"Are you joking"

You said something about Capcom it would be probably be like

"Yeah they are arseholes"
"Greedy B*st*rds"
"Yup hate them aswell"

I think Mike is right though, if they do change we better act on it.

People let Capcom go because they had "hope" they would get better but they never. Once a company have been given a taste of more money, all they'll want is more money

Frankfurt2752d ago

Sony has more passes than Microsoft.

StrongMan2752d ago

That's a lie. EVERY game on Xbox has an online pass. It's called XBL which cost $60 a year.

MariaHelFutura2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Yep. XBLG is the Ultimate Online Pass. Anyone who argues this is in denial. You can't access any online feature w/o it, just like an online pass.

Nimblest-Assassin2752d ago

Plus the fact that EA and WB games also come with an online pass, that means double the trouble.

I feel really bad for xbox owners, they have to pay twice if they by a used game

DigitalRaptor2752d ago


Frankfurt. Compare the fact that you get Sony's online included with every game you buy new. With Microsoft, you have to pay to access online with any and every game, whether it's new or used.

Euthanasia782751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I've gotten my Live from for 34.99 for the past 4 years. Just gotta catch the sale. I wouldn't pay the full price. Amazon always has it on sale.

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PerpetualMathx102752d ago

i miss the days when content was packed into a game expecting most of the games followers to at least be satisfied with what came in the box, example halo 2. but then when the players asked for more they received but with a cost for extra content. now its lets see how much we can include to make a bare bones game and then give all the content for an extra price because the games not "complete" unless you have the dlc. bullshit is what it is, and i havent been keeping up with dlc since and i refuse to ever buy a season pass.

Ashunderfire862752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Play Twisted Metal on PS3, because its the only game without DLC this year. And its actually full with content on the disc.

Edit: Just stating the facts, because no game out there right now has not been release without a day one DLC or DLC weeks after, except for Twisted Metal. Don't know why I got an disagree lol!!!!

Urrakia342752d ago

Too bad TM's multiplayer is freaking broken.

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