Gamefly Daily Deals: Rage - $9.99, Halo Combat Anniversary - $17.99, Plus More

"Gamefly has added quite a few titles to their pre-played video game deals with free shipping list!

Snag the following Pre-played games for cheap (w/ Free shipping):

Rage - $9.99
Resistance 3 - $14.99
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary - $17.99
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - $19.99
Mortal Kombat - $17.99
Driver San Francisco - $12.99
Star Wars The Force Unleashed II - $14.99
Singularity - $17..99
UFC Undisputed 2010 - $12.99
Family Feud 2010 Edition - $7.99
Child of Eden - $14.99
Plus More!"

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Relientk772749d ago

I think Rage is very overlooked. I enjoyed that game from beginning to end. Awesome game.

kma2k2749d ago

I enjoyed the game from the beggining to the last 5 minutes...ending just killed the game imo!

Relientk772749d ago

Yea the ending could have been better

blinkingfast2749d ago

yea Rage is over looked undermarkted.

MrBeatdown2749d ago

I love GF's used games. They take the games out of the cases and hold on to them while they are rented out, so when they are sold, the case is still in new condition, including online passes and DLC.

I bought Resistance 3 a few weeks ago when they had it for this price. Came with the online pass. Discs can be a little beat up but they are rentals after all. Usually PS3 games are in better condition since Blu-Ray holds up better against scratches, but if they don't work, you can return them for free.

Resistance 3 is damn good too, at least based on the few hours I've played so far.

kma2k2749d ago

ive been using gamefly for almost 2 years now gotten over 120 games & i can say only 2 games ive recieved were scratched to the point of unplayability & ironcially it was Fable II & Fable III lol