Medal of Honor Warfighter vs. Black Ops 2: Who had the better debut trailer? let's you decide which shooter you're more excited for based on their debut trailers alone. Take your pick; the winner may surprise you.

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Hufandpuf2751d ago

I'll enjoy MOH's multiplayer and BLOP2's singlplayer, that is all.

vortis2751d ago

I think the MoH trailer was a bit more characterized and personal. It felt more authentic.

I'm sorry but flying conspiracy robots and old men with future-tech stories while some action hero saves the world was slightly laugh worthy. It wasn't bad, though.

Hufandpuf2751d ago

I just got done playing BLOPS campaign yesterday. I can say that I was presently surprised. Compared to MW3, Treyarch did a WAY better job handling the singleplayer. The characters were interesting and the levels and scenarios were fantastic.

MW3 on the other hand was BLAND! Partly because the Batman Begins and Dark Knight writer helped write the BLOPS story while it seemed like a 6 year old wrote MW3's story.

I'll buy MOH first anyway since it seems it's impossible for me to not play a COD game at least once because my friends keep bringing it over to play.

MiamiACR212751d ago

The Frostbite 2 engine is definitely giving MOH the advantage when it comes to fidelity in the graphics department. Black Ops 2 is showing a distant future and taking things in an interesting direction. Overall, I'd say the Black ops 2 trailer just because it gives a bit of story to get you thinking where it's going to go.

MiamiACR212751d ago

MOH trailer= "OH MY GOD GET DOWN!" *Explosion* *Music playing over gunfire* "FIRE!".

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The story is too old to be commented.