Measuring the Value of PlayStation Plus

While PlayStation Plus offers a wealth of features, it can also be quite cumbersome considering you're only renting the games, and anything else that you acquire for free, relinquishing ownership of said titles when your membership runs out. This poses a question asked by many PS3 gamers; Is PlayStation Plus really worth the $17.99/3 months or $49.99/year subscription price?

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jwk942757d ago

Is there anything else you guys would like for me to include in this series?

Hicken2757d ago

Will you be including the early betas and such, as well?

jwk942757d ago

Yep, although that won't factor into the price for obvious reasons.

b_one2757d ago

for me PS+ gives way more then i can check/play/finish

metsgaming2757d ago

I have an entire backlog of ps1 and mini games that im waiting to play most of them until i get a vita. Im glad i upgraded my HDD lol

BitbyDeath2757d ago

This month alone has paid off my entire yearly sub twice over.

Wakeboarding HD
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom
Sky Fighter
Ricochet HD
Mushroom Wars
Magic Orbz
Smash Cars
Silent Hill (PSone Classic)
Max Payne (PS2 Classic)
Velocity (minis)
LA Gridlock (minis)

That's €117 worth of content in one month.
A year costs just €50

So yea i'd say it is worth it.

metsgaming2757d ago

EU had a good update, i hope some of those come over to US next eventually, US was good too but EU was better this month imo

cstyle2757d ago

here is some advice for ya Sony. Go ahead and start charging and watch people bitch and moan but they will still pay.

thebudgetgamer2757d ago

The only person bitching and moaning is you.

cstyle2757d ago

I don't really care for PSN anymore since it got hacked. Sony needs all the money it can get so they better start to think about ways to bring in more revenue. Live may be a bit overpriced but it brings in good profits for MS to use to make xbox live better. Expect Live to continue to leave PSN in the dust next gen. Sorry, but its the truth.

BitbyDeath2757d ago

You clearly have no idea what PS+ is.

mushroomwig2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I've never understood the argument that you're only renting games and once your subscription ends then you lose access. How is that any different than most other services? At least with PS+ you get to keep everything else (themes, avatars) regardless if you're a subscriber or not.

My only nitpick with the service is that I wish they would include more non-gaming related stuff. Maybe including a movie, TV show or even an album every month? It shouldn't limit itself as just a gaming service. There is so much potential and hopefully they'll realise that.

ChunkyLover532757d ago

Well just to play devils advocate.
Say you pay for PS+ for 3 years and have a ton of games that you can play, then you stop paying. You've put $150 into it and have very little to nothing to show for it.

I use PS+, but I'll be the first to admit that the service isn't for everyone.

lodossrage2757d ago

But that's exactly the point Musrhoomwig is making about subscription services. If you pay for Netflix for 3 years you're paying even more than that. And if that sub goes, you don't have anything to show for it at all.

Plus is basically for the pure gamer in mind. If you're someone that doesn't play your ps3 much, only uses it for playstation HOME, or only uses it for media features, then plus isn't something you should buy into.

mushroomwig2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Sure I'll agree that it's not for everyone. If you use the store a lot it's probably ideal, otherwise not really.

I see your point though but I can't help but think how that's no different from any other service. You could be a subscriber to something like Netflix for 3 years and be in exactly the same situation with nothing to show for it. It sucks either way.


Oh snap, we even used the same company in our example.

BitbyDeath2757d ago

Generally that would only be a problem for hoarders/collectors which i would say are of small population.

Most would rather just play/complete and discard.

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The story is too old to be commented.