Call of Duty: Black Ops 2- Treyarch ‘willing to do what others cannot’?


"I’ve been steadily losing interest in the franchise with each title following 4, but Black Ops 2‘s trailer has done the unthinkable: it’s got my attention, well and truly.

And if a Doubting Thomas such as myself can be lassoed back in, what does this mean on a wider scale, considering sales for Modern Warfare 3 were already very impressive?"

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gaminoz2385d ago

I'm like the author...totally over COD after the last few titles, but now this has me hooked.

As long as it doesn't lead me by the hand "Follow!" all the time again, so that I don't notice substandard details when I slow down like in MW3....

BadCircuit2385d ago

Too true. I don't want to play a movie!

I want to be able to feel like I'm controlling some of the action, not being led all the time.

This one looks bloody awesome though.


Proeliator2385d ago

I'm awaiting PETA's response to this.

papashango2385d ago

I'm sorry?

Treyarch never achieved what Infinity Wards did. Treyarch was all copy paste.

Infinity Ward WERE the innovators of the CoD franchise. But that team is long gone.

h311rais3r2385d ago

The horse question was answers. 2 timelines. 1 in 1980s other in 2025

Proeliator2385d ago

Reminds me of Homefront... but not in a bad way.

BadCircuit2385d ago

Homefront wasn't nearly this cool looking...

I do think maybe that the whole modern warfare kick copied Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and now this 'future warfare' is copying the Ghost Recon Future Warfare....

Hooshuwashu2385d ago

I just realized that the W in GRAW is Warfighter.

What's the name of the new Medal of Honor?


I sense a trust, dig up Roosevelt.

gaminoz2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

@ Hooshuwashu

Lol, if that isn't copying I don't know what is:

EA Meeting:

"okay we need a title besides just Medal of Honor: we've used that twice now."

"How about MOH: Warfighter?"

"Brilliant! But it vaguely sounds familiar....wasn't that GRAW Warfighter?"

"Ummm... yeah but everyone calls it GRAW, and that was a couple of years ago. Nobody remembers back that far."

"Okay! Let's do it!"

MiamiACR212385d ago

So, they're not making another Call of Duty/Call of duty inspired game then?

Proeliator2385d ago

Doesn't look like it! Well, it LOOKS like it sort of kind of but doesn't appear as if it'll play the same...

gaminoz2385d ago

Yeah same series, new style = keep old fans + gain new ones or those disenchanted

MiamiACR212385d ago

2009- Man World at War sucked! It's time for MW2 to rule just like the first one!

2010- "MW2? MW WHAT more like it! Black ops rules!"

2011- "Screw Treyarch! Black ops sucked and MW3 will take back the crown!"

2012- "Screw IW! Black ops was so much better than MW3 and BO2 will take the crown!"

Times are changing people, but everything else remains the same.

3GenGames2385d ago

No, Treyarch games are still just as terrible as they were after COD4. And IW games have been in the decline too. People just accept it now to be cool with gaming with COD, like owning a Wii basically 5 years ago. I mean, how many people have you heard say "I like blackops" and how many times did you hear others say "I only play for zombies."? I've only met a few people that even like black ops, most only play the zombies mode anyway.

GraveLord2385d ago

Black OPs and Modern Warfare are 2 very different games.
They might look similar but they feel very different.

I don't prefer one over the other, they both have their pros and cons.

MiamiACR212385d ago

The point is that people keep hoping to be amazed with each Call of Duty title, but apparently everyone is still left disappointed, hoping for another Call of Duty 4 reworking of the system. I personally love them all, and yes, even Call of duty MW2/MW3. If you get outside of your house very often like I do, you'll see the general opinion of Call of Duty is very low once a new one is announced, and how the new one will be better than the last.

It's a never ending cycle, but all the more hilarious to listen to. And 3GenGames, Treyach games have always innovated (Within the call of duty franchise). In COD 3 they gave us Medics, Jeeps, and tanks for mutiplayer. In World at War they added the amazingly fun to watch gore system, not to mention Sutherland making your ears bleed. Black ops they gave us highly customizable player portraits. Maybe they don't hit the nail on the head every time, but they damn well impress with what little time they have to make the game.

3GenGames2385d ago

You can be as innovative as you want, but COD4 is the best GAME with the best GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE, the only thing that matters.

svoulis2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

I am excited to see a different focus in the Call of Duty universe. Future is better than past and present it doesn't always feel the same. Anyone play BF 2142? Great game. If Treyarch gets this right. Then hopefully It'll put COD back in its "own" place among FPS games..

Here's to hoping.

EDIT: Who gives a F#$k about the graphics anyway? Really like it matters. So what the engine is old, but the formula remains unchanged, and thats why Treyarch and IW do this. I am tired of the rehashes as well, but graphics aside, there hasn't been a futuristic COD

MattyG2385d ago

Agreed. Everyone's whining about the engine and graphics. Get over it. The gameplay is great, and honestly it doesn't look THAT bad. Also, it would make no sense whatsoever to make a new engine for a console as it is about to become past gen in the next couple of years. I can guarantee that they will have a new engine next gen, when it makes sense.

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