Xbox 360 players get to launch the first Snow Elf arrows in the Skyrim DLC “DawnGuard”

HMMM Who are the Snow elves? The Ysgramor invaders hunted the Snow Elves almost to extinction at the tail end of the Merethic era. With the race purged, their was a final round up to exterminate the remaining stragglers by the Nords- Battle of the Moesring. The Nords were a fearsome race that cut great furrows in the Snow Elves ranks. The tales tell of the snow churning red down the Moesring slopes.

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yesmynameissumo2753d ago

Not the first Snow Elf arrows!!!!

AngelicIceDiamond2753d ago

@Title I know, and I cant wait to play it.

DyannCallahan2753d ago

Xbox 360 will be *first* platform to have it... LOL