Buying Used Games as a Matter of Principal

Publishers don't see a dime from second-hand sales, which gives angry gamers a way to play without supporting anti-consumer practices.

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Snookies122749d ago

Yep, that's why I'll never buy a Capcom game new again.

darthv722749d ago

there is a whole other "2nd hand" market out there for practically everything.

Music stores that sell old records/tapes/cd dont pay anything to the original distributors. Same with used cars and homes and many other things.

The used market should be there for when you have something you cant return to the store and you know there is someone out there that would be willing to buy it.

Just the other day I got dead space 1 and 2 from a guy who beat them and didnt want them anymore. Paid $25 for both. Am I sorry EA is losing out on a percentage of that private sale? Not in the least. Im only sorry I didnt play these games sooner.

So maybe that is what things have to go back to. "Private" sales instead of retail.

kma2k2749d ago

Dead Space 2 is a prime example of how used game market is actually good for the industry. By all standards Dead Space 1 tanked sold very very poorley, however Dead Space 2 launch sales were through the roof great numbers...why a game that didnt sell 1 sold like crazy it 2? Because people bought dead space 1 used loved it & bought 2 at launch! Not only that but DS3 will sell like crazy BECAUSE OF USED GAMES!

2749d ago
Blastoise2749d ago

Depends, if its a full game with no Online passes and typical DLC shenanigans I'll buy it new (Such as Sonic Generations, Dark Souls, Rayman Origins). If not, then I'll go out of my way to get it used or still sealed off of ebay.

MiamiACR212749d ago

Teenage angst has transcended into adulthood! Give them a what's for! Buy used! Refuse to be abused! Ra ra shish boom ba!

Bercilak2749d ago

Principle is spelled "-le", not "-al". Stand on principle and use spell-check. Or even a dictionary.

thebudgetgamer2749d ago

I buy used games because I love not spending a lot of money and buy two get one free deals, not some I'll show you attitude.

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The story is too old to be commented.