NiGHTS: Old Sega Saturn Version Vs Wii Video Comparison

Games Radar writes: "With the UK release of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams just a week away, we thought we'd dust off our Sega Saturn and see just how similar the new game is to the 1996 original. It's highly possible you've never heard of NiGHTS into Dreams, as the Saturn was steamrollered by PSone back in the day, but the original game is widely considered to be one of the finest videogames ever made. Want to see what they look like compared to each other? Well - see for yourself in our three exclusive custom videos."

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PS360WII3933d ago

Well thems some intense visuals on both ends :)

wiizy3932d ago

the wii video is better .. and why are we comparing saturn to the wii?

PS360WII3932d ago

Just in case someone never played the saturn version it's pretty cool to see it upgraded ^^