The Weapons of Halo 4 - Includes Classic Redesigns

See how 343 Industries is redesigning classic Halo weapons in Halo 4.

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EZMickey2411d ago

I'm wondering if the Railgun replaces the Spartan Laser or if it's a slightly less potent, faster firing alternative.

Also, where are the Covenant Weapons? Oh, that's right... Patience. :P

cl19832405d ago

I think the rail gun is a replacement for the grenade riffle.

EZMickey2403d ago

Nooo! The Grenade Launcher rocks! A lot of people don't like it when they try it because it takes a lot to get used to. You need to account for the surrounding environment of your target, will it bounce into or away from them, do you wanna EMP or Blast them, trajectory, etc. But when you have it down, it's a ridiculous instakill style weapon. I love it. I'd be sad to see it go.

Now, the Concussion Rifle on the other hand, that can go. :P