Farscape MMO Confirmed And Then Destroyed

You may have heard the rumors that began circulating last year about a possible Farscape MMORPG game that was in development, fans have been screaming for information but until now, it has fallen on deaf ears. Lee Hammock, previously the lead designer for the MMO game Fallen Earth, posted on his blog regarding the current state of development and what they’ve been doing the past several months, sadly it’s not good news.

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soundslike2758d ago


Who even watched that show. Firefly and BSG all the way.

b163o12758d ago

Just finished 1st season on netflix, looking forward to season2. Expand your horizon my good man..

CaptainCamper2757d ago

It ain't bad to be honest. It's up there with Firefly imho, what about Andromeda? I'd love to see that as an MMORPG