UT3 - Mark Rein interview by Three Speech

Three Speech's intrepid reporter Steve Boxer recently got to chat to industry legend, games engine expert and Epic Games guru Mark Rein. With Unreal Tournament III hitting the stores soon it seemed a fitting time to catch up with him and put some questions his way regarding the forthcoming title.

Three Speech: How long is Unreal Tournament III going to be an PS3 exclusive for?

Mark Rein: Right now, I can't say. The big reason, the main reason, we brought it to PS3 first, is the mods. You know how important mods are to Unreal Tournament and we love user-created content. And remember, our user-created content isn't just about re-arranging the chairs on the deck of the boat - it's about making a new boat, right. I mean, it's making a plane, it's making a car! It's making whatever you want to make, so we're pushing the envelope on user-created content. PlayStation 3 is an open network and so when we went to Sony and said, 'we want to make this game support mods', they were like, 'we're an open network, you can do that'. We're like 'ha ha, really, we're going to challenge you on that!' And sure enough, they've embraced it, and they've stuck to their word, and supported it. And I mean, Jack (Tretton) even talked about it on stage at E3, which was very kind, so they're right behind the idea of real honest-to-goodness user-created content.

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Kleptic3986d ago

Rein pretty much has a habit of saying the same thing over and over, or more importantly...people that interview him can't come up with new questions to ask him...

I really hope the rumors are true that Epic will release UnrealEd as a download for cheaper (right now you have to buy the PC game for $50 to get it)...but despite the poor PC sales, mods are still popping up all over the place...

the Halo map pack should be out within the next week...bloodgulch and sidewinder...should be pretty funny, especially how the dude was making the mantas pinkish purple (I guess to look more like ghosts)...and with a goliath spawner at sidewinder it will be almost identical...

gamesR4fun3986d ago

So many mods coming in daily its almost impossible to keep up :D
great stuff cant see this game ever getting old


UT3 is the best online game ever.the mods make the game so cool.i mean they could just keep making mods and the game will last forever and never be the same.THE REAL HALO KILLER!