Wrack - If Doom and Borderlands had a child

Wrack is an arcade-style FPS by Final Boss Entertainment combining the feeling of vintage Action games with vibrant and slick visuals. For fans of the days of Quake and Doom, this just might be your treat.

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ryandebraal2360d ago

That looks awesome, thanks for bringing this to my attention!

deep_fried_bum_cake2360d ago

Agreed, looks really interesting. Not as good as Borderlands obviously but still looks pretty cool in it's own way.

The guy in the video needs to never speak again. I've heard some annoying accents in my time but that takes the biscuit.

soundslike2360d ago

Gameplay looks amazing, we need more games like this.

Not really diggin the art style though.

kamruk2360d ago

With Indie devs rising, kickstarter campaigns shooting out of the ground and simply the technology becoming more accessible, I believe we can look forward to see more high quality low budget releases, making way for more titles such as this one. I'm excited what the next few years will do to gaming!

MiamiACR212360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

This looks mediocre at best, to be perfectly honest.

kamruk2360d ago

You have to give it to them, for a low budget unfinished game they pulled off quite a bit. I must admit however that the gameplay is not very contemporary and might not be everybody's cup of tea.

Wenis2360d ago

I bet a multi-million dollar marketing campaign could change your decision

MiamiACR212360d ago

A muti-million dollar marketing campaign would only work against this game even more than this "Alpha" gameplay has already. For a small team with a low budget this game still doesn't impress, it must be my 20/20 vision working against me again. If it's anything more than free, then it isn't worth it.

TheModernKamikaze2360d ago

I want Wrack, is it free?
It is okay for me to pay for it. :)