EA's product manager should shut up about Black Ops 2

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "Although his comments likely reflect what many of us are thinking, I think we are all even more tired of the fact that EA keeps yapping their trap about Activision. This goes back to the whole Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 showdown that happened towards the end of last year. Look, Activision won. Regardless of whether or not you consider their game better or worse, the fact is it sold better...A LOT better than Battlefield 3."

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badjournalism2752d ago

No one makes you read what they have to say either. Works both ways, Mr. "Journalist".

roadkillers2752d ago


crxss2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

seems like the author isn't really fond of competition. everyone i know who had mw2, black ops, and mw3 has gotten bf3. since activision doesn't really give two craps updating their game engine, it's only a matter of time 'till people jump ship.

TekoIie2752d ago

No one makes you say things either but EA still did it, making themselves look like a jealous child who missed his chance for some COD pie.

SnotyTheRocket2752d ago

Battlefield 3 won. i sold MW3

Ser2751d ago

CoD pie must be really stale considering how old and outdated it is.

I love how up in arms everyone is getting just because one major company said a few nasty words about another major company. Do you people own stock or something? They're companies competing for the same playerbase. They're going to fight. Deal with it, ninnies.

Snookies122752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Yeah, no duh it won... Who the hell actually believed Battlefield 3 would sell more? Battlefield 3 was a wonderful game, and had a whole lot more depth than Modern Warfare 3 in terms of multiplayer. But you've gotta just face it, even if the game sucked ass, Call of Duty would still sell millions...

Soldierone2752d ago

According to fans the latest one did indeed suck arse and sold millions.

I'm just crossing my fingers that BO2 takes its inspirations from BO and not MW3.

TekoIie2752d ago

Yeh we've been through this routine over and over again and people still believe the COD "rival" will do better. The only time it sort of happened is when halo reach outsold Blops during the first week of release.

Nimblest-Assassin2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

If Battlefront 3 and/or Half Life 3 was announced, games people have been waiting a good 6 years for... Call of Duty would still sell more copies than both.

They buy it after getting hyped, then complain endlessly about the final product which is why I declare this everytime a new COD comes out since MW2...

COD sells stupidly well

SSKILLZ2752d ago

yup cause no matter how amazing battlefield looks and is, Cod will always outsell it.

i like BF and CoD so i got nothing to worry about,i just hope one day cod gets better graphic.

any way Zombie mode in the future FTW

crxss2751d ago

cod will always outsell bf..........? was your first system a 360/ps3 or something? lead changes happen all the time in business, especially in this industry.

PixL2752d ago

The whole sales game again and again. Why are people so much obsessed with it? They don't even have shares of companies they fight for.

mr_badhand2752d ago

Sales equal what the majority want. So yes sales do matter.

Now do sales equal quality? Well that's all personal opinion.

Creative-Enigma2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

No it doesn't. Sells don't matter quality is what matter. Your telling me if one next gen console has more quality than the other you would rather pick that over the other console just because its doing better in the sales with no exclusive games really supporting it.

Riggans422752d ago

@creative-Enigma what are you talking about... consoles and exclusives?

mr_badhand2752d ago


I have no idea where exclusives or consoles came from?

Sarobi2752d ago

He is using it consoles and exclusives as an example.

BattleTorn2752d ago

I think the gaming industry as a whole needs to evolve past thinking sales are more important than quality.
Look at other industry, such as music, and movies.

If sales are more important than quality, that would mean Titanic, Harry Potter, and Toy Story 3 would be some of the best movies of all time. And Justin Beiber, Maria Carey, and The Backstreet Boys would be some of the best artists of all time.

Ya see what I'm getting at?

It's time to realize that as gaming-enthusiast, Call of Duty is trash, and hurts our industry. The way it can improve so little, yet sell records amounts is disrespectful almost - we're letting them set a awfully low standard for our future.

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GraveLord2752d ago

Looks like EA started their trolling early this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.