EA calls 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' tired

XMNR: Activision and Electronic Arts talked smack back and forth over the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 last year. It looks like we can expect the same this year as an EA product manager had some choice words for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 after the game was revealed on Tuesday night.

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StrongMan2364d ago

No more tired than Madden.

Outside_ofthe_Box2364d ago

Haha. I hate madden. Really wished 2K was still able to make NFL games.

Anyway, EA shouldn't be talking trash after what happened last year...

Majin-vegeta2364d ago

Are we talking about sales??If so jsut cuz it sells like crack doesn't make it a good game.

BlackTar1872364d ago

BF3 is a much better game then cod.

Outside_ofthe_Box2364d ago

My point is they should just stop talking trash. It doesn't make them look good and it won't have an effect on CoD sales.

papashango2364d ago

EA needs to focus on bringing up their image before they can talk smack.

It's like a fat girl calling another fat firl fat.

firefoxprime2364d ago

Doesn't really matter if EA talks smack, because the majority of those Shooter gamers don't read gaming websites.

Gaming1012364d ago

The FPS genre in general is getting a bit stale quite frankly, modern shooters are having a hard time thinking outside the box and with each iteration they spread their ideas thinner and thinner, with these yearly releases it would be a shame if their lack of innovation caused the death of a massive franchise just like Activision did with Guitar Hero - over saturate the market out of greed and then your product gets over-exposed to where people just don't want it anymore, it's classic short-term American thinking if you know anything about Hofstede ratings.

tokugawa2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

how about shut up ea!

in your determination to have something rival or come close to cod, you allowed/made dice release what is arguably the worst bf game made.

not only that, you have stood by and let them patch it to unplayability! coupled with the money grubbing "rent a server", you are no position to criticise anyone.

this is coming from someone who is a massive console bf fanboy as well.... i traded bf3 yesterday by the way, when i played both the bad companies until the end. sad times

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user54670072364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Yeah but thats a sports we really care about annual sport game.

Madden and COD are two totaly differen't games aimed at differen't audiences.

The people who buy them know what they are in store for when they buy them, I mean games like Madden are mainly made for the sports lovers who don't play on games much. All my friends who play football/rugby/basketball (the "Athelets") buy the sports games and nothing else.

EDIT: @FatOldMan

I wouldn't say EVERY COD stereotype just plays on that one game. Most of them must surley play on other FPS and they must know bits and bobs about the industry.

If you take a sports person who keeps on buying Fifa or Madden...they couldn't even tell you what Half life is or what a NES is never mind them knowing how mnuch they are being screwed buying the same game every year. COD fans know it...just don't want to admit it.

Ducky2364d ago

The people who buy annual FPS releases also know what they are in store for.
The stereotypical CoD player also plays nothing else but CoD.

Hicken2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Well said, Mike. Since there's a new season every year, it at least used to make sense to have a new GAME each year(though we could probably do with roster updates and the like now). As such, it's rather inherent in the sports genre that there is a game for each season, or world cup, or whatever the event may be.

FPS, on the other hand, is not a genre that has ever had that necessity. The new game came out after the previous one got stale and the next one was finished. Of course, these days, FPS titles are stale after a month or two, unless you wanna pay the cost of another game over the course of the next year in order to stay relevant.

Hell, I'm not even a big Madden fan, but I can look back at Madden from 5 years ago and tell it's nothing like the most recent one. Call of Duty... not so much.

Edit: For the most part, I agree. There isn't a lot that changes in Madden(presentation has been the largest improvement in recent years), but you could, as I said, look at Madden 2007 and see a massive improvement in 2012. Call of Duty's changes aren't as readily noticeable.

And people DO complain. Lots of people do. It may require you to be in certain neighborhoods, but the lack of change has definitely been noted.

Outside_ofthe_Box2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Madden is the same game every year that's his point.

Other sports games like NBA2K, MLB The Show, FIFA, all release every year and feel fresh. While Madden is a rehash every year, yet people buy it smh.

Patriots_Pride2363d ago

Good Point - imagine having to wait every 3 years for a sports game....You would miss out on Peyton Manning Playing with the Broncs or Tim Tebow playing for the Jets.

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jimbobwahey2364d ago

So ignoring the fact that EA pumps out sports games every year that only have roster changes (whereas Activision puts out COD games crammed full of new content) let's just compare EA and Activision in the FPS genre for a moment here:

Battlefield Bad Company - 2008
Battlefield Heroes - 2009
Battlefield 1943 - 2009
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 2010
Medal of Honor - 2010
Battlefield Online - 2010
Battlefield Play4Free - 2011
Battlefield 3 - 2011
Medal of Honor Warfighter - 2012

COD World at War - 2008
COD Modern Warfare 2 - 2009
COD Black Ops - 2010
COD Modern Warfare 3 - 2011
COD Black Ops 2 - 2012

Looks like EA are the ones pumping out too many sequels each year, not Activision. I mean at least COD releases once a year, whereas EA is trying to pump out 2 or even 3 games each year in an attempt to compete, and EA are the ones calling COD tired?!

guitarded772364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

I don't care that you make a list to make your point, but at least make the whole list. You left out...

COD 2 - 2005
COD 3 - 2006
COD 4 Modern Warfare - 2007

Looks like you're hiding something by telling half truths. I know you're going on a 2008 - 2012 list, but you are also listing games like Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free which don't really fit into the full retail Battlefield scheme. You're also lumping in Medal of Honor which is a completely different series... if you're going to include MOH, then go ahead and include all the COD map packs which get as much attention at any MOH title. Finally, you list Battlefield 1943, and if you're going to do that you may as well include the HD remake of the original COD... if Medal of Honor were really relevant to the discussion, I'd say add Medal of Honor Frontline to the conversation. Anyway, BOTH publishers push their premier shooters... everyone need to either play them, or shut up and let the rest of us play them.

Stimulus Package
Resurgence Package
World at War 3 DLC Packs
Modern Warfare 3 DLC - 4x ?
Various handheld titles

jimbobwahey2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

It should be obvious that I was comparing releases over the past 4 years... If I made a whole list it would be ridiculously long, so what I presented was enough to factually present my point. I like how you casually try and pretend that EA didn't release any shooters from 2005 - 2007 though, it seems the only person hiding things by telling half truths is you.

Secondly, it doesn't matter if MOH is a different franchise because I was comparing output by publisher, not franchise. Trying to skirt around that is pointless anyways since EA has made a point of stating that they're trying to compete with COD with both BF and MOH anyways.

I was just illustrating how hypocritical EA are is all, no need to get upset and jump to the brave defense of some faceless comporation that's been ranked as the worst in America. My whole point is that yeah Activision has yearly releases, but cold hard fact shows that EA pumps out more games in the same genre. It's not even up for debate unless you're going to try and seriously argue that these games don't exist, in which case you forfeit on account of being crazy.

Fact is, EA pumps out more shit than Activision does. It's not solely in the shooter genre either. Look at all those yearly sports games, look at those yearly Need For Speed releases too. If you like Battlefield that's fine, but if you're going to seriously try and claim that EA aren't pathetic and hypocritical then you're just being silly.

I'm saying this as someone who doesn't even like COD by the way.

Edit: Hahaha you edited in COD DLC but casually ignore all the DLC EA has pushed out for their shooters? Bravo, now you just look like a fanboy!

guitarded772364d ago

"Edit: Hahaha you edited in COD DLC but casually ignore all the DLC EA has pushed out for their shooters? Bravo, now you just look like a fanboy!"

There's a big difference between free DLC and $15 map packs.

Like I said in my post above "Anyway, BOTH publishers push their premier shooters... "

I was pointing out that your list is biased... I was just adding some omissions. I'm not defending EA... you see it that way because you're putting them on trial.

Truth be told, I agree with you that EA should keep their mouths shut and concentrate on making a great game... same with Activision. You say "EA pumps out more s#!t than Activision does."... yeah, because they have franchises worth pumping out like Mass Effect, Dead Space, SSX, etc. All Activision really has is CoD. It's not some allegiance I have to EA, I just play their games way more than Activision, because they do what a publisher should do... make games.

DeadlyFire2364d ago

I like EA and Battlefield though. Call of Duty 4 was last great game. Black ops does alright. MW 2/3 I don't care for playing.

I wonder if Black Ops 2 is a hint of EA pushing Battlefield 2143 out next year?

Imalwaysright2364d ago

Is this a BF vs COD thing? We're talking about military shooters so MOH BELONGS on the list and i tought that was obvious that jimbobwahey was comparing games released in the same time frame. Fact is that EA are nothing but hypocrites and so are N4g users, judging by how jimbobwahey got so many disagrees and how guitarded got so many agrees.

artdafoo2363d ago

How about stating the fact that some of the BF games actually got major engine upgrades like going from not being able to completely destroy a building ( BadCo 1 to having full destruction ( Bad Co 2 ) to a completely new engine ( BF3 ). And what does COD do every year ? A new re skin job with minor tweaks here and there.

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joab7772364d ago

Just finished MI ghost protocol. At the very end ethan hunt gets a new mission. The syndicate just hacked US military servers and took control of all our drones. Sound familiar?

Statix2364d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Or NBA 2K.

Every sports game is tired. That's the nature of the genre, especially nowadays. Why cite one specific franchise?

Bottom line, we're talking about military shooters here. Both EA and Activision pump out their respective big-name FPS franchises, more or less. However, I personally feel Battlefield has been a far superior game to COD over the past several years, with much bigger improvements to the engine and gameplay than COD.

Con-Fu2363d ago

No, Madden is fare more tiring. At least with COD, there has to be a new story no matter how crappy it is.

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OneAboveAll2364d ago

At least EA innovate. COD is a tired game. Time to step up and create a new engine. Craptivision can't compete with DICE at the moment.

MerkinMax2364d ago

Sure they had the amazing FB2 engine developed by DICE for BF3, but look at how they tried to be COD with their campaign. Not very innovative. They need to stop bashing CoD and produce something amazing (not saying BF3 is bad)

MrMister2364d ago

Anybody who cares about a campaign mode for Battlefield is a fool. It's all about that sweet delicious multiplayer!

NastyLeftHook02364d ago

exactly, my friend recently bought battlefield bad company 2 for 10 dollars not expecting much, and he said i quote...

"omg this is way better than modern warfare 3! you can blow up buildings and stuff! wow! this is incredible!"

and then i told him, the engine he was playing on was an old one (frostbite 2)

i told him that frostbite 3 (battlefield 3) is out right now and its available.

he went to gamestop, sold modern warfare 3 and some others and bought battlefield 3.

FlashBack2364d ago

It's Frostbite 2

BFBC1 - FB 1
BFBC2 - FB 1.5
BF3 - FB 2

TekoIie2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Frostbite 3!?!?!?!?!?!!!???! BRAINSPLOSION!!!

chobit_A5HL3Y2364d ago

are you sure you didn't just make that story up?

Fylus2364d ago

@Pekolie... Freaking LawL. Bubble+

@Chobit, If it makes you feel any better, I've had an exact situation similar to his where I've had friends who do nothing but play MW3, then I showed them BF3, then they sh*t themselves. Metaphorically speaking of course.

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360GamerFG2364d ago

I love Battlefield, but I do not hate CoD, in fact I enjoy CoD LAN games with my buddies.
I don't see why there needs to be animosity.

Revolver_X_2364d ago

Oh yea, innovation. Innovation is allowing servers to be rented and the skill less noobs to abuse their admin powers. At least MW3's suckness comes from host lag, not host abuse. BF3 has went further then MW3 to appease noobs. They sell all guns and max vehicle abilities for christ sakes. No love for either one. I went back to playing Black Ops until GRFS.

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falloutx2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

It has begun

Fylus2364d ago

Damn you MySwordIsHeavenly!

Curse you for making me laugh like a mother f**ker.

Getowned2363d ago

some of You people need to learn how to use embed codes >_>

Click [Share] and then [Embed] and then see that magical text highlighted in Blue ? copy that and on N4G click Embed Video and paste the code there.. good Job Rajman! for useing embed properly! bubbles for you stranger!

PerpetualMathx102364d ago

haha coming from a company who is making ANOTHER unwanted medal of honor game, seriously who the fuck is asking for these modern shooters, beyond boring video games, almost as bad as sports games.

Merrill2364d ago

In my honest opinion, Medal Of Honor had a great single player experience and one of the best out of any FPS this generation.

It was the multi-player that was bullocks. If they can mix the single player experience of the first one with the multi-player experience of BF3, then wow.

PerpetualMathx102364d ago

i gave it a try, it wasn't my thing i guess, i feel the genre does not need anymore modern shooters and a mediocre multiplayer system. i would prefer these big developers to be making new ip's instead. i almost can't even fathom working at a company where you have such talented and creative people and then decide on making the same game over and over and over, how do these people not get pissed working for these companies.

Ducky2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

I was kind of disappointed in the single-player. I was expecting it to be toned down on the action, but it just ended up being another typical directed-by-michael-bay modern shooter.

Its odd to see EA take a jab at Activision when they're both competing for generic-shooter-of-the-year award.

hiredhelp2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Only this time medal of honor wont be split between DICE and Danger Close.
Dice did the mp moh last time while dangerclose did the single player.

This time its all in house development by danger close, im expecting somert good.

SnipeySnake2364d ago

I completely agree with you. I'm seriously tired of all these ridiculously boring modern shooters, there's nothing ever creative anymore. But tbh i'm sure the reason why there are so many is because it's become a 'casual' thing for the gaming industry. It's really sad :/

PerpetualMathx102364d ago

its all about if the money talks. dont get me wrong i love sequels to my favorite games but when you make unnecessary continuations of a series so quickly its just saturation at this point because the market is there. i blame cod4 mw for getting the casual gamer into what use to be hardcore gamer territory and now like all things casual it is mediocre because a hardcore audience isnt there to demand anything better just casual audience that doesn't know any better.

JsonHenry2364d ago

I just want the new Rainbow Six. Although I think the new direction could be nice in this years volume of CoD.

Kingdom Come2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Hopefully we'll get a demonstration of "Rainbow Six Patriots" at E3, I for one love the "Rainbow Six" franchise and am hugely anticipating this installment's release.