PlayStation Move Now Half Price on Amazon

With PlayStation Move-only title Sorcery finally set to release this month, it might actually be a decent time to get one of Sony’s motion controllers. Luckily, if you’re on the fence, Amazon US has a deal that might just tempt you to take the plunge.

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Sev2759d ago

Picked up two more. Now have the complete set of four.

Relientk772759d ago

Are they gonna have a Sorcery and PS move combo package or something? Because I would love that. I want both

Ramas2759d ago ShowReplies(2)
kma2k2759d ago

i bought one for my nephew from gamestop yesterday. Im peicing together the move bundle for $50 buying the camera from amazon. I have only used my move a handful of times but for 50% off its worth it to use sporatically imo!

Series_IIa2759d ago

Move is only good when you see an enemy right on your screen, soon as you have to turn you're screwed, this is especially true on Socom 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.