Game companies should stop chasing Call of Duty

Developers and publishers are competing for our time and money, and that’s always going to be an uphill battle. But an arms race centered on better graphics and multiplayer modes is not the answer.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2750d ago has done it again..

***"Success, however, has to be earned. I don’t think Activision or Infinity Ward expected the first Modern Warfare to reach such mainstream popularity when it debuted in 2007. Neither could have Markus “Notch” Persson have dreamt that his one-man Minecraft project would explode into more than a million sales while still in beta. But they received this success because they designed great games, not because of solely aiming for some pie-in-the-sky magical sales figure.

Unfortunately, not all great games receive their commercial due. I still pour one out for Beyond Good and Evil from time to time, but the best thing companies can do is to focus on delivering genuinely engaging experiences in their games. If they can achieve that, then they’ve done their job.

So to all the developers and publishers out there, please stop chasing Call of Duty."***

I fully agree.

I haven't felt this good about an article since this one...

solidjun52750d ago

The reason why i dissapointed in KZ3. -___-

SybaRat2750d ago

Can we also get them to stop making crappy games?

Oldman1002750d ago

Great article. Another thing that pisses me off is when they water down the experience to make it more "accessible" for the casuals. Most of these greedy corporate publishers are holding back creative freedom and innovation, which are key to providing a great gaming experience.

h311rais3r2750d ago

Too many games are mimicking cod. Even bf3 started. The only shooters I play now are tribes, halo:reach, backlight and soon halo 4. Atleast halo hasn't started the CoD craze. Oh and people just because it has loadouts doesn't make it a copy. U hoose 1 of 3 basic weapons the AR,BR or DMR. And this saying spartan ops is a copy can not read. It's an ever evolving co op campaign with narration and cutscenes with a custom character. CoDs is just random missions that can be beat in 1 minute.