Media Create Japan Game Charts (Official) 2007-12-24/ 2007-12-30 and Sales

1. Super Robot Wars OG Side Story (PS2) : 196684

2. Wii Fit (Wii) : 134928

3. Mario Party DS (DS) : 131428

4. FF4 DS (DS) : 126434

5. Star Ocean 1 First Departure (PSP) : 105104

Wii 152209
DSL 218876
PS3 52706
PS2 25569
PSP 161370
360 8304

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HarryEtTubMan3931d ago

See how close VGchartz was??? PS3 is winning now! haha

Relcom3931d ago

It is a AWESOME game. If anyone ever gets a chance to play it, DO IT. There is a reason its #1. Great RPG

paul_war3931d ago

Never even heard of it before. Is it Japan only? Any chance of a UK release?

THUNDERMARE3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

SRW series is very unlikely to be release out side of japan territory.
There are several reason why this is the way it is.
First of all there are several trademark issues involved, to cut it short, SRW series is the game that combine many robot franchise together rage from famous studio such as Sunrise, Bundai, Gainax, and Kodensha. Since some franchisee in the west had distribution right to some part of the game's material, it is very unlikely that they will just let the characters that they have the right to distribute to just slip trough without compensation. For example Macross series (A japanese anime series if you dont know), which takes part in SRW series, still has the trademark issue from the original series in the 80s, and the problem is dragging on until today, so that's why you'll never see Macross Zero or Macross Frontier in the west. ( read legal issue for more info)
Moreover, some anime series that take part in SRW dont have distribution right in the west altogether.
Secondly, the game involve huge numbers of seiyu (voice actors/actresses) that rage from somewhere between 40 to 80 depending on series. In normal practice, Banpresto studio just cut the actual speaking phrase from an actual anime footage and dubbed it in the game footage. It is not that difficult from the Japanese part since the original footage is there. However, from the western part, some of the animes dont even have the distribution right so no one actually dub it. Considered there there are more than 250 characters in one series alone. It is very unlikely that a publisher can find people to dubbed all those characters, at least at a certain standard.

nevelo073931d ago

good to see the ps3 doin good