Free Radical's founder on leaving the FPS behind

EDGE- "With the Call Of Duty and Battlefield series regularly dominating the charts, it would be reasonable to conclude that the firstperson shooter genre was in rude health. But aside from a few examples (DICE’s brave misfire Mirror’s Edge, for example, or Valve’s Portal 2), few stray far from the established template.

It’s not just FPS releases, of course: spiralling budgets and dwindling audience appetite for change place additional pressure on games to recoup their development costs. It’s a state of affairs that’s driven Steve Ellis, co-founder and former managing director of Timesplitters developer Free Radical Design and author of GoldenEye's multiplayer component, to seek solace in mobile development and the greater creative freedom and reduced risk it affords.

We spoke to Ellis about his decision to leave big-budget development behind and set up new studio Crash Lab with fellow ex-Rare and Free Radical Design stalwarts Martin Wakeley and Lee Musgrave, the condition of the FPS genre and why increasingly powerful smartphones could lead to a repeat of past mistakes."

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