Amalur Teeth of Naros DLC Review (COIN-OP TV)

The Teeth of Naros universe felt fresh and new. We were introduced to a new race of beings called the Kollossae which looked like giant statues. Their method of combat was also distinct in that they were the first beasts we encountered that rolled out of the way from our attacks.

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BldyShdw2359d ago

Does this game still not have an increased level cap? That was the only thing stopping me from buying it. Don't want to get to a point of no progression.

rdgneoz32359d ago

It takes a while to get to that point. As for DLC, I thought I remembered them saying DLC would also increase the level cap, but sadly that hasn't happened.

aPerson2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

On the Reckoning forums, one of the developers mentioned that *if* they were to do a level cap it would be released as an update rather than DLC, as they would want all players to have access to it for free.

pennyman2359d ago

far as i can tell no level increase with the first two DLC however if i were a betting man I would say that would be a MUST for any third or fourth dlc offering. thanks for watching!