Black Ops 2 PC will take advantage of DirectX 11

Black Ops 2 will utilise the power of DX 11 on PC. As reported on One of Swords, Treyarch’s director of online highlighted the graphical upgrades during the recent Black Ops 2 reveal presentation. Despite the technical upgrades, getting the upcoming FPS to run at a 60 frames per second on all platforms is still high on Treyarch’s priority list.

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Draperc3330d ago

wait wait wait.....a call of duty title will have DX11 support on PC?! REALLY?!

Convas3330d ago

I had to cover over my mouth to in the library to keep from crying out with laughter XD

malol3330d ago

and ppl still waiting for mod tools on the first blackops

treyach ... stop lying

Awesome_Gamer3329d ago

Malol said it best, stop lying to us Activision/Treyach

blinkingfast3330d ago

the game looks like a whole new title

GraveLord3330d ago

wow. 9 disagrees?
Shows how many trolls there are here on N4G.

Solid_Snake373329d ago

I can hear you bleating from here man keep it down

GamingPerson3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

COD will support graphics cards that are inside of pc cases.

Good to see I guess. Cod = dx11, Max Payne 3 = dx11, Ghost Recon = dx11.. Yeah It's safe to say these devs have xbox 720 devs kits & are working with dx11. But that is just my Rumor.

M1chl3330d ago

I agree on your rumour sir : )

DeadlyFire3329d ago

haha. I do agree though. Its very certain that these folks know the API for next platform and kits are likely in their hands. There is no other reason for CoD to ever have DirectX 11 while utilizing the same game engine.

xYLeinen3330d ago

Guys.. Don't get too excited yet.. I feel we have been through this once before.

chukamachine3330d ago

dx11 support really does not mean much.

Support being the word, you can do 95% of dx11 on dx10 - dx9.

Depends what they are going to push with dx11.

Alien vs predator has dx11 support and the enemies looked better, but not a great upgrade. tbh.

caboose323330d ago

Well it's not only about visuals. It can also help greatly optimize a game too.

Paradicia3330d ago

I hope it means tessellation. That would be a big step forward for COD in general.

kevnb3330d ago

you are speaking as a consumer, dx11 is a much better api than dx9 is for newer hardware and managing things like draw calls.

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The story is too old to be commented.