Do we like Black Ops 2's futuristic direction?

With the reveal trailer showing off the game's new futuristic overtones, how well will the game resonate with gamers?

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TheSuperior 2759d ago

Im very ify with it. I loved the first black ops. I loved the characters and the setting and now they have taken that and completely changed just about everything... but that doesnt mena i wont still like the game its just now im unsure:/

bunt-custardly2759d ago

I think BOps2 needed its own identity to scale itself away from Modern Warfare or past glories set in WWII. The only way to go really was forwards and this is what we've got.

Personally I would have been quite happy to stay within the Cold War setting of the last game though.

ShadesMoolah2759d ago

It seems the only logical way Treyarch could move things forward, as they've dominated past wars, Modern Warfare has current affairs covered.

Black Ops was Treyarch's big turnaround after being the underdogs of developers on the COD franchise, so it's good to see them continue on with Black Ops' characters, whilst also moving thing dramatically forward.

It'll be interesting to see how this future based tech impacts the COD multiplayer space as well, right now it just looks like typical Call of Duty clashing with the likes of the techier savvy Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

WolfLeBlack2759d ago

For the first time in a while I'm really quite looking forward to a Call of Duty game, and that's largely because of the change in setting. Now, don't freak, I'm not saying I hate the series, but I simply didn't get excited about them.

The change in year gives Treyarch a little more freedom in how they create the game. Because it's still within our forseeable future there are limitations, but with less constraints I'm hopeful that it'll give them the chance to change the series for the better and provide something a little different.

MysticStrummer2759d ago

I'm not a fan of CoD at all, but I did love [email protected]'s zombie mode. I skipped MW2, BO, and MW3, but was gonna buy this one just for killing zombies... until I saw the trailer. Now I doubt I'll buy it, but I'll keep an eye on it and see if I change my mind.

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