Dead Space Story Producer Bad Mouths Writing in Gears of War, Forgets Professional Courtesy

Earlier today Eurogamer published a story in which Dead Space story producer Chuck Beaver had an interesting comment concerning Gears of Wars, stating it has “literally the worst writing in games.”


*was literally my first reaction, spoken out loud, to no one.

Now I could be completely wrong but, isn’t there some unspoken code which emphasizes not disparaging those within your own field?

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TheSuperior 2751d ago

Wow thats just not cool at all

Gaming1012751d ago

People in the entertainment industry criticize all the time, it's nothing new, and if you actually read the whole article several days ago like I did, it really wasn't that harsh. He objectively points out all the necessary things for a story and objectively describes how Gears of War has none of the right things for a story. A story takes time to really flesh out, and when you're under tight deadlines and working overtime like developers are almost all the time, story becomes an afterthought, which the producer did point out was the case with the first dead space game as well, so it isn't rude or trolling or whatever you want to call it, it's calling it as he sees it which is fine.
If you're that easily offended go sit in a box and stop reading.

Regent_of_the_Mask2751d ago

He told the truth and is getting bashed for it.

I guess you could call him a troll.

soundslike2751d ago

Author would fit right in with the WW2 propaganda machine.

"Loose lips sink ships!"

Its 2012 and people still have freedom of speech. Badmouthing or not, sensationalizing someones opinion makes you the bigger asshole.

DeadSpaced2751d ago

Chuck Beaver=Troll? I kind of like the sound of that.

h311rais3r2751d ago

Funny thing is dead space writing isn't great either so he really shouldn't be talking.

Gaming1012751d ago

If you read the article on Eurogamer published several days ago the producer actually does talk about how Dead Space 1 had a disjointed story and tying it all together in DS 2 was a nightmare, this article doesn't really explain that clearly enough but you're right, DS 1's story was disjointed here and there, although DS 2 was a tad bit better at cleaning up some of the nonsense but not by much.

Sevir2751d ago

Dead Space's story wasn't the best but its elements and story telling was alot better than Gears. Dead Space 2 is so much better with its pacing and narrative! Gears over all 3 entry cant hold a candel to Dead Space 2 in story

Winkle922751d ago

Saying Gears of War has bad dialogue is like saying Tetris has bad character development. Uh... that's not why people play the game.

joab7772751d ago

Its not entirely true. There are a few that are worse. But it doesnt really matter. You grow to love the characters anyway.And isnt that the point? Dont get me wrong, i wish i could help write for many games i love, games that have great characters and settings but horrible stories. Im talking to you killzone. The helghast are the greatest enemy ever and the backdrop is awesome. They resemble nazis but are also freedom fighters. Let me at this one.

And i would not have talked trash for 1 reason (though i dont think he meant to),; now everyone is gonna pick apart dead space 3's writing with a fine tooth comb. Right Cliffy? Oh well. You make ur bed, u must...wait. I never understood that saying. Actions have consequences. Simpler and to the point.

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