We have to hand it to Datura, this virtual reality rig is impressive


Datura looks like it will be a mind-melting Move masterpiece on its own, but seeing it running on a giant screen with a virtual reality visor, we can't help but be summarily impressed. Check out Plastic's rig in the above video, which features Sony's HMZ-T1 personal projector and a giant hand.

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Emilio_Estevez2755d ago

Agreed, it's creepy, kinda reminds me of older horror flicks.

ForeverGamer2755d ago

from the article :
*. The only disappointment I feel is that I am unable to experience a game as deeply on a regular basis. When the time comes, my friends, gaming will never be the same.

As cool as the demonstration below is, it doesn't do this experience justice.*

that sound's very awesome

specialguest2755d ago

I love it! If this really works well, i may be interested in buying the head mounted display at a premium cost.

r212755d ago

we're on our way to ps9.