The Art of PS Vita’s Gravity Rush

Posted by Yoshiaki Yamaguchi // Art Director, Gravity Rush

With Gravity Rush releasing on June 12th, I wanted to share how the artwork of this game came together as well as how the style of “Bande Dessinee” influenced the title’s art direction.
Gravity Rush incorporates the theme of Bande Dessinee (BD), a popular Franco-Belgian comic book art style. There are various types of BD style and they can be perceived in many ways. We first approached an element of BD we thought would fit well into the pre-existing game art. One of the differences between realistic expression and schematic expression represented by BD is that BD exaggerates the information that author wants to convey to the audience. By doing so, it conveys more of the accurate information that the author wants to be recognized.

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YxUxNO2385d ago

Gravity Rush!! Y U NO come out sooner!?

GillHarrison2385d ago

This, like most other people, was my most anticipated launch game. SCEA was very stupid for not coming out the gate in America with this one. At least it will get me back on my Vita after this prolonged hiatus.

SOD_Delta2385d ago

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one on a break from the Vita. I agree with you both This game looks/will be awesome. I can't wait!

Hicken2385d ago

This is all the game I want on my Vita. I don't think I could care less if they didn't release another Vita title(which is a lie, but hey) as long as I have this game, and PS1/PSP games to play.