The Best Way To Troll In Modern Warfare 3

It seems that guys over at Achivement Hunter just love to find ways to annoy people, and this time they have done it again, in Modern Warfare 3.

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ACBAA2758d ago

was expecting something better

mafiahajeri2758d ago

Yeah claymores is considered trolling? Stupid.

I prefer to get the riot shield and I follow someone and wait for him to camp in a corner and I just block him in a corner and he cant move LOOL. Also standing right in front of someone is fun when hes trying to aim. He moves left I move left etc.

There was a BF3 troll video that was hilarious with the lights and blowing up your friends when they lift off in the jet xD

Tapioca Cold2757d ago

Some dude did that to me once and then I called him a dumb American. He got upset and asked where I came from. I told him he'll never know based on my behavior. But we always know people from America. ^^ Represent!

Maybe it was you.

OooHJohnny2758d ago

I like to troll like this when I'm too high to play... xD

Tapioca Cold2757d ago

Wow! Your video isn't funny and the first video isn't funny.

I guess i don't get nerd humour.