New Cinematic Trailer Lets You “Feel” TERA

Today it’s Frogster’s turn to release a new trailer, titled “Feel TERA“, showcasing a rather gorgeous sequence of cutscenes from the game over a lovely classical soundtrack.

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SteamFrostedEgg2752d ago

Don't even bother clicking play.
On the 3rd sequential advert I gave up, watch it on youtube.

LightofDarkness2752d ago

Talk about lowest common denominator. It's like Evony, except this one looks like it's probably a decent game behind the sexism and vague pedophilia. I'll be avoiding it unless it cleans up it's act a little.

chaos-lockheart2752d ago

apparently you know nothing of this game, and its nothing like evony, and its not decent but epic

Lucretia2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

pedophellia? because of the little girls being cute? I guess u could be a pedo if U choose one of the erins (lil girls) and star at them all day and play with one hand.

i guess the designers of Child Bikini's are Pedo's also since u know, they draw up half nude clothes for little girls.

seriously, who cares about the sexism, its in reality and in fantasy, i go outside and see hot women all the time, does that mean the world sucks and if u even stopped and thought for a second you would know people like sex, sex sells and u dont have to play as a girl or look at them.

The gameplay is fun, but then again u probably dont like it because it takes actual skill

LightofDarkness2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Hmm, seems I might've been a bit hasty. I was still going off of promo material from last year, and the many debates it sparked among MMO fans. Back then, they were definitely using the games kinky avatars to attract attention, but now they're seemingly taking things more seriously. I always really loved the art direction when I wasn't trying to be pandered to sexually, and the combat looked pretty fun. I might give it a spin.

"The gameplay is fun, but then again u probably dont like it because it takes actual skill" ah, you kids. What are you, 8?

"seriously, who cares about the sexism, its in reality and in fantasy, i go outside and see hot women all the time" Seriously? "All the other kids are doing it" isn't a defence. It doesn't make it any more right or any less demeaning to people who give a sh*t about it or have been victimized because of it.

Kamikaze1352752d ago

Amazing battle system, great dungeon designs, beautiful landscape, and great looking enemies.

Summons752752d ago

what is the gameplay like, this totally sparked my interest

Abriael2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Basically instead of having the usual "click to select and let it rip" system, Tera has a crosshair in the middle of the screen. You actually have to aim your attacks a-la skyrim in third person (but it works a LOT better). As a lancer you have to manually block with your shield at the right time, and you can physically get out of the way of attacks like in an action game.

It's very, very different from the usual MMO, and for now I'm finding it a lot of fun.

The only problem are the quests, they're really limited to the "kill X monsters" model, though killing those monsters is actually fun for once. Dungeons are great too, especially the giant bosses.

And yeah, they used the Unreal Engine 3, so it looks amazing for a MMORPG.

Kamikaze1352752d ago

Depends on your class:

Tanks will constantly have to block attacks, control aggro, and keep it! They also get a few buffs.

DPS will have to constantly be on their toes because enemies will try to attack them. You'll be running around, jumping, rolling, teleporting, and blocking (depending on your class), while trying to manage a good damage output via combos.

Healers have it easy, but they still have to run around and make sure not to hit and also maintaining the parties HP and buffs

You get a lot of big ass monsters in the game (BAMs), the dungeon layout is really good and they are all different and very interesting. The world, for the most part, looks beautiful. Enemies are varied enough so you don't get sick of seeing the same model over and over.

chaos-lockheart2752d ago

devil may cry boss battles meets dynasty worriers, in a mmorpg, well made story if you read, there's open world gvg and pvp, battle ground. beautiful environment, bet gold in gvg, chain your skills make your own combos, and more

Cryptcuzz2752d ago

I don't game on the PC much other then Starcraft 2 and soon Diablo III, but this game looks so good and fun, I will have to buy it and try it out.