Toshiba Spurs Engine puts PS3 Cell chip in a laptop

From CNET's Crave TV.

"Ever wondered what would happen if you put the PlayStation 3's Cell processor into a laptop? Us too, and now we know the answer: you get the Toshiba Spurs Engine, a system that turns a normal laptop into a motion-sensing, video indexing, face morphing, standard-def to hi-def converting super machine.

The system was demonstrated in modified Qosmio G45 laptops, each of which uses a standard Intel Core 2 Duo CPU in addition to a Cell chip with four 1.5GHz synergistic processing elements (SPEs). For reference, the PS3 has eight SPEs running at 3GHz, making it approximately 75 per cent quicker. Like any sensible human beings, we wondered how much all this would cost, but Toshiba assures us that if the system actually does come to market, it won't be too expensive. Yeah, and pigs can parallel park."

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ROFLatYoFace5440d ago

Sony, Toshiba, and IBM needs to just hurry up and put the cell into desktops and laptops for consumers.
HMMMM Imagine the possibilities.