Eurogamer - The Unfinished Swan Preview: PS3's New Indie Marvel

Johnny Minkley writes: In comedy, they say, timing is everything. And so, too, in gaming, if you're Giant Sparrow's Ian Dallas. "Some of my most powerful experiences growing up were games and I thought I was going to go in as a writer," he says. "Coming out of college there weren't really a lot of interesting jobs as a writer in games and I figured that, five or ten years later, that might be different." So he started writing comedy instead. "I worked in TV, which is super-fun - you're just in a room with a bunch of other guys trying to make each other laugh for 40 hours a week or often much more. But one thing led to another and I discovered programming." The Unfinished Swan is his indie studio's first game since setting up in Santa Monica late last decade (having previously worked as a designer on The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom and Sam & Max). The timing was right, and so was the audience.

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jthamind2754d ago

"All I'm told is that the rest of the game may pan out very differently from what I'm seeing here. The only nugget he lets slip: 'There's more than one mechanic in the game, but they feed of same central idea of spatial exploration.'"

that's good to know. it definitely looks like a unique experience, but even unique experiences can get old if there's no variety in them. so hopefully they have some interesting mechanics throughout that keep the experience fresh, immersive, and maybe even challenging. if they do that, then this could be another one of those artistic/emotional experiences ala Journey and Flower.

Acquiesc32754d ago

Concept looks incredibly unique. Lobbing "paintballs?" feels rough right now though. Hope they execute it with better finesse on the final build.