Harmonix Doesn’t Know Why Mobile Rock Band Has An Expiration Date

The iOS version of Rock Band could expire on May 31, according to an image, originally posted on Reddit, that has been circulating the Internet today.

In response to Kotaku's request for comment, a representative from developer Harmonix said they don't know why the app gave that notification.

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FlashXIII2386d ago

Hilarious tbh, the ripoff Fifa 12 DLC now this.. it's as if the execs at EA held a board meeting to discuss why their company was voted worst in America and ended up coming to the conclusion that they might as well use the opportunity to go fuck over their fans some more. Absolutely pathetic.. I never had a high opinion of EA but this is worse than even I could imagine.

Derpy2385d ago

If they can get away with this kind of thing on iOS devices, how long until they start pulling this sort of thing on other platforms?

Limited installs and online passes are also couple of nasty trends that EA started among others. Hopefully this doesn't become another.

TheModernKamikaze2385d ago

They don't know what they made?