Excuse Me? ‘EA Indie Bundle’ Registered On Steam

IGM writes: "An EA Indie Bundle has been registered on Steam. We gasped at the idea before deciding to share the news. Can EA have an indie bundle? The lineup suggests that it’s JUST about plausible."

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multipayer2751d ago

Proof indie bundles are evil.

adorie2751d ago

EA is closing down social networking games in which people paid money to engage in. The most recent is a game called Restaurant City. EA is forcing those people to move to another game called The Sims Social. There are many angry people right now, with EA, one can estimate a couple hundred thousand.

Sorry for going off topic, I just think EA is terrible as of recent.

badjournalism2751d ago

And that's any different than when an MMO gets shut down after people have paid money into it? That's right, it's not. Boo-friggin-hoo. I have no sympathy.

adorie2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Yes, have sympathy for people who bought the currency and have a balance hanging in the midst of closure. That's fine for you and anyone else that agrees with you.

I know people who played the game and it isn't fine for me, because I do have sympathy.

badjournalism2751d ago

@adorie It's been a risk inherent in MMOs and other games with real money transactions for over a decade. It's even covered in those Terms of Service you people never read but click right through. Too bad, so sad. No sympathy.

adorie2751d ago

Ok, Mr. Cut-and-dry. Glad to see that broad perspective on your side at work here. Have a good one.

xruiner892751d ago

The games in the bundle are all 50% off on Steam now.