Capcom x Namco: 4 fighting games of better value than SFxT

Street Fighter x Tekken is a disappointment in so many ways as it personifies what's wrong with Capcom. Here's a list of 4 games that's worth your money now and was also published by either Capcom and Namco. There also is a bonus list of 4 extra games (without having to pay DLC to read them).

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jc485732385d ago

if you don't own any of the vanilla version of the fighters, then you're missing out.

JuggerNOTTT2385d ago

You can def skip vanilla mvc3 though....Other than that, agreed.

Spitonyourgrave2384d ago

X Tekken wasn't a disappointment, you just suck body!

Lucretia2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

the game wasnt that good. it was just SF4.5 with tekken characters and Tag.

the graphic style totally ruined the tekken characters aswell just as it destroyed the SF characters in sf4

killcycle2384d ago

The marketing and scamming may be bad but the mechanics and gameplay are really good.

Why would thousands of us be playing otherwise?

It's great.

Lucretia2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )


I cant answer why you guys play it. Its not a bad game, its just not that good. I can see people liking it which is fine.

but i cant answer why people play stuff. I look at mortal kombat as the biggest WTF ever in fighting games. Besides the overdone immature Gore im not sure why people play it but they do. (Stiff bad combat with animations worse than DOA1 on the ps1) and im not exxagerating either,

youtube comparisons in their fluidity.

killcycle2384d ago

I had Mortal Kombat 9 and sold it, didn't like the mechanics and some characters felt too strong/weak but there are people out there that absolutely love it youtube channel ONLINETONY he's a massive MK9 player.

I Agree about the animations too.

SxT is really fast and the online is great since they patched the SFX bug and I've not purchased a single bit of DLC for it and don't plan to.