FPS Fatigue: Are There Too Many Shooters?

Dealspwn: "Since the early Nineties, shooters have always been, and will continue to be, a large part of the games industry. But do we really have more shooters than yesteryear? Probably not. The irony is that as we've advanced technologically in the last few years, there's an argument to be made that we've stalled, or maybe even taken one or two steps back in terms of design. As the desire to make sharper, shinier games grows, as the pressures of trying to keep up with PC hardware that advances at an increasingly accelerated rate take their toll on the wallets of everyone in the games industry, risk-taking becomes unfeasible.

To that end, the publishers behind big budget games will stick with what helped make them big budget in the first place, and right now that's all about modern warfare and space marines. It's about trying to emulate COD's multiplayer template, and sadly singleplayer concerns appear to be increasingly marginalised in this genre. Longevity is key in these uncertain, double-dipping times. If there's a way to extend a game's long tail by cribbing Activision's guide To Multiplayer Violence then so be it."

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moeqawama2760d ago

I swear if I had a dime for every article with this title...

ShinMaster2759d ago

I lied. Maybe 3 dimes at most lol

Ducky2760d ago

A lot of good FPS games were listed there.

Anyways, I think what has me burnt out is the health regen. At least in the older games, if you took a rocket to the face, you'd need some bandages to fix it.
Now, it's just hide behind cover and then pop back out smelling like roses.

morganfell2760d ago

No, way too many bad FPS games is this issue.

M1chl2760d ago

Not too many FPS, but shooters overall. Basicly all you do in 99% of video games is pew pew pew, cutscene, pew pew pew, credits...

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The story is too old to be commented.