GamesMaster Teases “Huge World Exclusive”

GamerPrompt - GamesMaster has released the promo for next months issue and it teases a “Huge World Exclusive”.

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Kingdom Come2753d ago

Intriguing, well the issue will be droppin roughly two weeks prior to E3 2012 so I'd hazard a guess at stating the game won't be an exclusive title to a particular console. Also, due to the utilisation of the smoke grenade, I'd guess that the game is going to have some sort of military theme.

If it's just exclusive info on a game I'd say Rainbow Six Patriots due to it's tactical gameplay.
If it's a reveal then I'd be tempted to say the rumoured Frosbite 2 utilising Army of Two third installment, however I don't know if that would class as a "Huge World Exclusive".

Either way, it's another game of which we're most likely to be shown at E3 2012 so I'm excited...

user54670072753d ago

Revealing games like this is magazines is not always a smart move

Knowing how many times things get "leaked" around here and the fact E3 is just around the corner this game will probably be revealed way before the next issue comes out.

If it does get revealed early then it makes the "Huge World Exclusive" thing pointless. If you have a exclusive thing to talk about they may aswell reveal it sooner to get people to buy the magazine for the info

PirateThom2753d ago

GamesMaster TV show is returning, Brian Cox is taking over from Patrick Moore.